Run a search for “Linda Ikeji” in any of the mobile app stores and you will be hit with a deluge of options. There are

The many faces of Linda Ikeji Blog: Download the app

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Run a search for “Linda Ikeji” in any of the mobile app stores and you will be hit with a deluge of options. There are all shades and colours of Linda Ikeji Blog apps. In Google Play alone, I counted nine variants. In the Windows Phone store, I found two. Searching in BlackBerry World, I found four.

The blog is the favourite spot of many Nigerians and a source of the latest gossip, scandal and news from around the country, and indeed the world. It is only natural that app developers take an interest in it.

In terms of visuals and usability, Linda Ikeji Blog is not exactly a shining star. For many years, it was a rudimentary blog with a messy layout. There were banners scattered everywhere. Design has not been a strong point of the blog.

The official mobile app looks a biit better than the web site. It has a slightly more pleasant layout and feel, even though it is not stellar either. Let’s just agree that till further notice, design is not a priority for LIB.

Linda ikeji blog

Official and Unofficial Linda Ikeji Blog apps

Of course, not all of them are official. Some are built and maintained independent of LIB by enthusiasts. But they do get the job done delivering news and info from Linda to enthusiastic readers. Are you a reader of the blog? If so, do you use any of these apps? Which is your best?

July 2016 Update

Google appears to have later done some spring cleaning of apps in Play Store. A search for the term “Linda Ikeji” in July 2016 now throws up only one app – the official Linda Ikeji Blog app. Nice!

This does not mean that other 3rd party Android apps cannot spring up from time to time.

The Windows Phone store returns only one at this time – an unofficial app. Blackberry World App now has three – all unofficial.

android app for linda ikeji blog

As at January 2019, the Android app has recorded over 100,000 downloads.

You can download the Linda Ikeji Blog app from Google Play Store HERE.

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  1. I think this is just a chop-I-chop Lindaconomics kinda thing. She feeds from other people’s sweat and they are feeding from hers too.

    This doesn’t make it right tho, but then…. Nigeria la wa

  2. Can this be called “bastardization” of the whole concept of blogging? Well a novice I am but the bloggers and those concerned should know better.I need to be educated on this.

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