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Power Pack

If you are a comic book fan, you must have heard of Power Pack, a fictional team of young super-powered heroes. Well, I have a different Power Pack team to show you today. My team consists of a range of power banks that help you keep your smartphone running when you are away from a charging point.

Power Bank Lineup 1

Left to right:

  • Nomad 11,000mAh
  • Pliris Gynja 5,600mAh
  • BlackBerry 2,100mAh
  • Orbra 5,200mAh

Power Bank lineup 2

Left out of the above line-up is the Vantium 5,200mAh power bank. It is a reliable product as much as the above pictured devices are. Mine went missing under circumstances that still remain mysterious some months ago. Here is the Vantium 5,200mAh pictured below:

Vantium power pack

If you are interested in Marvel’s Power Pack, did you know that there is a Marvel comic book app available for Android? Download and install the app to get your Power Pack superheroes fix.

If you are interested in our collection of articles and reviews of various power banks here on, head on to our Power Bank archive.


  1. So I switch on my phone, started opera mini, first point of call Mobility Blog, then I see what looks like anime, did a double check to see if I’m on the Anime News Network but no it’s Mobilty. Checking out the image some more I realize the drawing is not anime but American style and it seems to described power packs.

    Mr. Mobility nice article, linking comics with the mobile world.

    You’ve said before that you once made your own comics perhaps it’s time for the mobility power crew web comic strip.

  2. I used the Vantium power bank for a while, but it got messed up after several falls to the ground. While it lasted, it was so very reliable that it charged my dead BB battery up to three times on one full charge. Now I use one simply called power inverter and also the one that came with my Tecno Phantom A.

    These devices definitely save you a lot of stress looking for a power source and most especially as our public power supply remains one of the world’s worst.

  3. .. a range of power banks that help you keep your smartphone running when you are away from a charging point .

    You may even not be away. Could just be at moments those power outlets are ‘powerLess’, thanks to PHCN (what’s the name again, sef ?)

    I have two improvised power packs..

    A netbook
    A UPS

    They work well enough to power one tablet and a smartphone. For a long, long while.

    And, yes, the car charging point.

    That Generaror would need a better reason to go into operation.

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