Meeysoo P45 Pro phone: A few reasons why you should be careful

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Meeysoo P45 Pro is listed on a handful of (mostly obscure) online stores, with conflicting specs, features and prices. Is it an authentic phone and should you order one? 

Every now and then, a new phone brand shows up. This is normal and expected. It is also not uncommon to see conflicting specs and features from one website to another. This usually happens when the manufacturer hides the full specifications of the cell phone, leaving leaked and rumoured specs to carry the day.

But what sets off an alarm in our heads is a new smartphone, manufactured by an unknown brand, touting outrageous specs at ridiculously low prices. Meeysoo P45 Pro is such a phone. Until today, we had never heard of the Meeysoo brand. It is totally unknown.

That is fair enough. As already  mentioned, new smartphone brands pop up every other week. When that happenes, we sniff around to find out as much of it as possible. We also take a critical look at the specifications of their first set of phones.

In the case of Meeysoo P45 Pro, we found lots of things that do not make sense. Let’s walk you through.

The phone is listed on quite a number of websites and online stores. On Joom, it is listed for $72. Budget phone, yay! Until we began to look at the specs. That same site that has it listed for $72 says it is a 5G smartphone using Mediatek’s Dimensity 1000 chip. Whoah! That must be a heck of a subsidy.

Joom further lists the Meeysoo P45 Pro as having a 6.3-inch curved display with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal memory. An online store, Shopee, says it is a 4G phone with a 6.6-inch display, 8GB RAM, 512GB storage and a “20MP and above” rear camera. A further drill down on Shoppe shows another set of conflicting specs listed further down the page. One of the conflicting specs is that the display is listed again but as 5.5 inches this time.

Meeysoo P45 Pro

On Jumia, Meeysoo P45 Pro has a 6.6 inch display, 12GB RAM, 512GB internal memory, 16MP rear quad camera, and Android 10 operating system. The processor is listed as MTK6889 mobile platform, which is the high-end Dimensity 1000 chip.

A different Jumia listing has the entry-level Mediatek MTK6580 specified, along with 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 6.6-inch, 3200×1440 pixel display, and 3D glass plated back cover, and it carries a price tag of ₦25,000. That is mindboggling.

Meeysoo P45 Pro colours

At this point, if you aren’t as confused about this mysterious phone as we awere, you are a hero and deserve a medal. But once we saw the ridiculously low prices for the conflicting, and mostly outrageous, specs, our red flags were up. Something was definitely amiss, we concluded.

It is listed on quite a number of websites, and all of them had varying levels of conflicting information about it. It is difficult to believe that the Meeysoo P45 Pro is an authatic smartphone. You cannot even be sure of what you are getting should you order it.

Meeysoo P45 Pro

We ran searches to find an official website for Meeysoo and found nothing. All the listsings on Jumia are to be “shipped from abroad”, so it isn’t even possible to walk into a store to see and handle one in person so we can verify its authetic specifications and features. 

Is Meeysoo P45 Pro fake? It is difficult to say at this time. But even if it exists, it is being so badly marketed that there is conflicting information about it everywhere. Our recommendation: stay away from it; stay away from Meeysoo phones till infprmation about it is verified.

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