Memories of Christmas

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To our readers, we wish you a merry christmas (if you believe in Christmas), and a happy holidays (if you don’t).

Wherever we stand, this season is certainly a colourful and exciting one. And having a superb camera on a device like the Nokia N8 means being able to capture really lovely shots in almost any situation. Enjoy the following Nokia N8 productions (feel free to click through to view the full 4000×3000 images, but watch out, that means files of over 1.5 MB in size) –

Beautiful dusk at the Lagos Bar Beach, Victoria Island
Kart racing at Get Arena, Lekki, Lagos
Driving through Surulere yesterday morning and ran into Santa passing traffic - Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!
My sweetheart and I haven't been to a Christmas party in years, but yesterday was different.
Step in the name of love....

In all, the Nokia N8 delivered and we sure will have great pictures to go down memory lane years from now. I recorded some videos too. One thing is sure, for media contant creation, the Nokia N8 simply has no competitors.

How is this year’s Christmas at your end? Where you able to put your phone to use in capturing those moments and memories in audio, still and/or video?


  1. We always have a family Xmas Party and phones have been really helpful in communicating and planning for the party because we all stay in different locations.

    Thanks to phones for the planning, once we arrive we can start eating and drinking immediately.

  2. Although I’m geographically far from my family this christmas, my smart phone has being very vital in keeping in touch with them, keeping upto date with events in cyberspace and of course I’m know the mobility nigeria regulars who will not stay away from the site on even on christmas day! 😀

  3. It’s been a very hectic Christmas, spending more time than usual on the road due to very heavy traffic.

    With my phone available, I was able to take shots of the traffic and upload on facebook in real time.

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