How having Microsoft services on all platforms gives Windows Phone a better chance

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Microsoft services cross-platform

Almost everyone can see the benefits of Microsoft’s recent cross-platform push. The software giant is purchasing services that have deep footings everywhere else and converting them into utilities that make their own brand services available on competing operating systems.

Take the purchase of Accompli, for example. Because of that purchase, Microsoft now has Outlook available for Android and iOS devices. Brilliant. My friend, Gbenro says of the new Outlook app:

That speaks volumes – a Gmail app better than the official Gmail app.

Recently, Microsoft has also acquired Sunrise, a calendar application for mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop that allows users to connect with Google Calendar, iCloud calendar and with Exchange, as well as connect a number of third-party integrations, including: Foursquare, GitHub, TripIt, Asana, Evernote, Google Tasks, Trello, Songkick.

You can see where all this is going: there is no question about the fact that having Microsoft services across platforms, especially the dominant platforms, is the right thing to do. Microsoft will have more people using their services and will find ways to monetise. Huge revenue. Brilliant strategy.

The question for Windows Phone users then is, What makes Windows Phone that is compelling enough to motivate Android, iOS and BlackBerry users to switch?

My colleague, Latiff Cherono, believes that the motivation would be found in Microsoft showing the entire Windows experience adds value:

For some reason, I am not quite convinced. If I were an iOS user – a lover of Apple opium – and I am already getting the best of Microsoft services on my iPhone and iPad, well…I am already getting the best of both Apple and Microsoft right where I am. I wouldn’t budge. I wouldn’t want a Windows Phone.

However this plays out, Microsoft will win as a whole. Microsoft will grow and make more money. It is just that I do not see how the Windows Phone division will grow its market share except something compelling is offered. I foresee Windows Phone lovers sticking with Windows Phone, Apple lovers sticking with iPhone, and Android lovers sticking with their droids for the most part.

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  1. I don’t see why having Microsoft services on all platforms would help Windows phone. There is really no compulsion on the consumer to switch platforms, i mean Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?.

    I think Microsoft acquisition of apps such as Accompili and Sunrise has more to do with Nadella’s Microsoft initiative of returning the company to its strengths as a software company. Microsoft made its fame and fortune making an OS that could run on PCs made by different OEMs, today the battleground would be making sure their services run on OSes made by different companies.

    side note: the title should have ‘does’ in it

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