Microsoft to Purchase Nokia's Mobile Phones unit?

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If this rumour had come a year ago, I would not have dignified it by giving it any attention. Unfortunately, things have changed so fast between old bitter rivals Nokia and Microsoft in the last one year that one does not know what to believe anymore.

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A year ago, I did not believe that Nokia would dump Symbian. Oh, making smartphones on multiple platforms was not the issue. But actually dropping off Symbian? Still, it happened.

A year ago, I did not believe that Nokia would adopt Windowsphone; yet they did.

So, when the same source (Eldar Mutazin of Mobile Review) who first broke the rumour-that-became-facts about Nokia’s plans is now the same person saying that Nokia and Microsoft are meeting to explore the assimilation of Nokia’s mobile units by Microsoft, well, how do you totally throw that away?

If this sale happens, it will be disruptive. Too many things will change. I will not even begin to imagine how things will go. But perhaps some of our readers have crystal balls and would like to tell us?

In the meantime, I will sit back and watch it all unfold.


  1. I really don’t see the directors at Nokia agreeing to sell mobile unit of nokia to microsoft as it remains their most profitable unit. However i can foresee a immediate future of better integration between these old foes to face a greater enemy. The old saying ”The enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind here, Google has proved to be greater rival to both Nokia & Microsoft in recent times, and also with Apple proving that there is a lot of money to be made from mobile devices which at the moment accounts for 50% of their revenues now. And Microsoft is eager to get in on It, The mobilescape is proving everyday to be the new frontier with seemly endless reach and revenue to be accrued by all involved.

  2. Microsoft to Purchase Nokia’s Mobile Phones unit?

    Phone unit? What else does nokia do apart from making phones?

    I do not get this..

  3. EyeBeekay, Nokia is also into the following:

    – telecommunications network equipment, solutions and services (Nokia-Siemens)

    – digital map information and navigation services (Navteq)

  4. seems you dont have any news to report so you result to stupid baseless rumours. why would microsoft, a software company with no hardware knowhow (they contract the xbox and zune to chinesse companies) want to buy nokia when they already have access to nokias intellectual properties? Why would nokia be put for sle when its still raking in profits? Why would the fins let an american company take over their largest enterprise and employer?

    anybody can wake up and start a rumour. we expect you guys to spare us the trouble of wading through trash

  5. I made a similar post yesterday in the forum, I think in mobile services. A whole lot of things would change if the rumor turns out to be true. The mobile universe would change radically. The nokia mobile brand would no longer be. That would be mind boggling. just can’t imagine it! More like having a green sky, or a deep red sky, instead of the blue we’ve all come to take for granted. Anyways, life must still go on!

  6. @abdul basit ahmed
    It’s obvious you didn’t read the story right. If you are familiar with business transactions you’d know that you don’t have to put your company up for sale before a buyer can offer a price. Look at skype for instance. It wasn’t for sale but microsoft offered to buy it at a crazy-to-say-no price, about 8.5 billion dollars, and it came to pass. Microsoft even offered to buy yahoo! For 44 billion dollars. So, you see, if microsoft wants nokia mobile division, and if the price is right for nokia shareholders the deal may also come to pass. Money does make the business world goes round!

  7. What have we here? Would have been nice if we knew the source of the rumour.

    I have to agree with Yomi. With all things Nokia and Microsoft; anything goes. Just less than 2 years there was a healthy competition between Nokia, iOS, Android, and windows mobile. Even when I was criticising Nokia and saying that iOS would surpass Nokia in revenue soon, very few would have supported me. But now, it’s all out in the open. Nokia is failing. At least that is what the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop wants us to believe. But is this really the case? Nokia is profitable, having high sales, why such drastic actions as in abandoning Symbian and Meego? There are so much more than meets the eye.

    Before I rant into my analysis, I want to state that I believe the rumour. Anything goes when it comes to Nokia. If Nokia can abandon Symbian and Meego; which would have been anathema just a year ago. If you had told anyone that last year that Nokia would abandon ship on account of a “burning platform”, the person would think that u need psychiatric evaluation! Now see what we have. It may just be a matter of time before this becomes reality. Microsoft buys Nokia!

    Now back to my tirades on the rumour. It appears that there are some shady deals in the back which we do not know. Board politics. Threats, bluffs, and Counter threats. The deal between Nokia and Microsoft goes beyond what we can only scheme on the surface! There are three questions that we should ask ourselves.

    1. Why should Nokia abandon Symbian and meego at this time, seeing that they were still profitable? If you’ve seen Nokia’s Anna UI, then you’ll know that Symbian was salvageable.

    2. Of all CEOs, why did Nokia choose Stephen Elop, former Microsoft VicePresident to head Nokia? This beats me!

    3. Even if Nokia MUST adopt Windows phone 7, then why jettison Symbian? Couldn’t they have multiple platforms like Samsung and still make ends meet?

    6. Finally, if you must choose partners, why go for Microsoft. And their moribund WP7 OS? Why not the Almighty Google and Android?

    The rumours are obvious but they are here. This latest one makes us realise that they’ve been true all this while. Old Nokia guys and diehards are booted out of the company. Thousands of Nokia Employees from Finland and elsewhere are sacked.

    Isn’t the handwriting clear on the wall. This is a typical case of a hostile takeover!

  8. @Yomi, thank you for that info on the other Nokia lines of business.

    It would appear Microsoft has plans to buu uo eveything.Maybe What ithey should again offer Google a blank cheque (say $100Billio)?. Sarcasm intended.

    An organism (business or organic) eventually fragments when it becomes too large. it is a law of nature.

    I see Microsoft imploding eventually with their unbending quest to acquire all sorts of businesses…

  9. With all the points raised by Afewgoodmen, it’s highly plausible to consider that Nokia can eventual become an arm under Microsoft. If these rumours eventually come to fruition, the Nokia brand will still be used as it’s a recognizable brand in mobile communications much more than the Microsoft brand.

  10. You guys are just over reacting… Have the name skype been changed to Windows Live msngr? If Microsoft buy’s nokia, nothing will change… the hype about nokia is sooooo fake someone is talking about the mobile industry not being the same again. if nokia does not release a phone for 2yrs won’t other phones be released? besides… the deal between nokia/microsoft has been signed and it is well spelled out for a lame man and does not include purchace of anything

  11. The source is Eldar Murtazin

    Well, to me this is inevitable on the long run, the journey started when Nokia employed Stephen Elop.

    For the records, Eldar Murtazin has been the source of great rumors about Nokia that have turned out to be true, e.g Nokia using WP7 and Nokia killing off the Ovi Brand.

    Eldar Murtazin has also been the source of various prototypes.

    For all I care, Stephen Elop might indeed be a “Trojan Horse” sent by Microsoft to Nokia.

  12. If you follow my rants since this microsoft/nokia deal, you will notice my distaste for the arrangement. I keep saying nokia need not have abandoned its own line for a new but untested brand. Everyone saw me as a prophet of doom then. We can see what is happening now. Symbian is bouncing back and no reason for it to sell off. In fact, no reason for it to partner with microsoft or enyone at all.

    Afewgoodmen says

    ….. “It appears that there are some shady deals in the back which we do not know. Board politics. Threats, bluffs, and Counter threats. The deal between Nokia and Microsoft goes beyond what we can only scheme on the surface!”…..

    No doubt in my mind. Afewgoodmen took those words right off my mouth. The Trojan horse has been delivered and we are seeing the effects of the viral compromise.

    What a way for a giant to fall…

  13. @Bosun99uk If Eldar Murtazin is the source. I am compelled to believe it because he is an impeccable journalist. He also has precedence.

    Could you, Bosun, post the link here? I’d love to study the post!

  14. @Bosun99uk If Eldar Murtazin is the source. I am compelled to believe it because he is an impeccable journalist. He also has precedence.

    Could you, Bosun, post the link here? I’d love to study the post!

  15. Oh! Microsoft could create monoploy in the world technological device industry and shouldn’t be given the opportunity to buy the Nokia at all.

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