Mighty Audio player saves your Spotify playlist offline

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People who love listening to music while working out usually play songs on their phones or iPods. However, when these devices become too problematic, there’s little you can do about it. However, now there’s a device that gives you your Spotify playlist wherever you go – and it is so small you can carry it everywhere you go, including your workout sessions. This device does not require a network signal to play your Spotify songs. Say hello to the Mighty Audio offline music player.

The Mighty Audio player would prove quite useful for people who love to listen to music during workouts or hikes, but do not like strapping a smartphone to their arm or manually adding and removing songs from their iPod shuffle through iTunes. All that is required of users is a Spotify premium membership.Mighty Audio

The Mighty Audio player comes in three colors. It is also water resistant, drop resistant, and features up to five hours of battery power. Furthermore, the device has Bluetooth connectivity for headphones and speakers, in addition to the 3.5mm headphone port. The Mighty Audio player syncs and downloads all songs on your Spotify playlist via WiFi, which saves your mobile data. Also, it only stores downloaded files on its own memory, thus saving you space on your phone. To connect with the device, you’ll need to download the Mighty Audio app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Once you connect the app with your Spotify premium account, your playlists can be synced with the device.

Syncing is quite easy on the device, as is playback. Reports suggest that songs sound just like they would on your smartphone’s 3.5mm headphone port. Also, pairing with a Bluetooth speaker is quick, and playback remains stable even while moving round a room. The only downside is that users can only sync their public playlists for the Mighty Audio player to save them for offline playback. However, the company says that private and collaborative playlists will soon be available for storage soon.

The Mighty Audio device is currently available for sale for $86.

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