I don’t dream much. But several nights ago, I had a dream – a striking one too. No; I’m not talking about a Martin Luther

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I don’t dream much. But several nights ago, I had a dream – a striking one too.

No; I’m not talking about a Martin Luther kind of dream. At least, not yet. I mean a honest-to-God dream of the night. You know, eyes closed and sleeping kind of dream.

Yes; that kind of dream.

I’m not one who runs around based on the contents of a dream. But something tells me that you will enjoy this one.

The setting was a customer care centre. What I was there for specifically wasn’t clear. But there I was sitting and waiting to be attended to. Being attended to at that time was a guy who had brought in a smartphone for mobile internet configuration. The attendants struggled with the device but one after the other all failed to sort it out.

Finally, I asked if I could take a look and was obliged. In a few moments, I had the device setup and needed to confirm that certain services worked fine. This required sending a couple of messages. I asked a few people present to volunteer and successfully sent out the test messages.

It was at this point that a supervisor walked in, observed what was going on and got on my case. According to him, I was using the opportunity to market myself and steal their customers. Of course, that doesn’t make sense, but hey, dreams hardly ever make total sense.

Anyway, I got ticked off and lectured him about my heritage. That’s the interesting stuff.

I told him how I was using smartphones before he knew what a smartphone was. I told him how I was configuring devices as far back as 2002 and using email on my mobiles before he even knew that such a thing was possible.

I went on about my using circuit switched data on MTN’s Mtech-powered service. Of how I was using GPRS on GloMobile’s network before the company announced it. I spoke of how I used the latest and greatest of devices year after year.

I told of how I was on my 76th mobile, with the 77th already on the way. It was a moment of self-adulation. It was shameless, ego-tripping. It felt good. I enjoyed the power that my narrative gave me.

Of course, everyone had gone quiet – including the supervisor. Very few people – if any at all – in Nigeria match my mobile history, and it was all quite intimidating of course.

But then it hit me: everything I had listed was all relatively history!

All my pioneering and trailblazing stories were past tense. You see, when change arrived on the mobile scene, I was not quite trailblazing any longer. It took me about 3 years before I purchased an iPhone. While I got my hands on the very first Android smartphone, it took ages for me to get myself a flagship Android device.

For crying out loud, I lived by flagships. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I do not use and review lower end devices. I have owned and reviewed tons of non-flagships too. Anyway, back to the trend that hit me.

Onscreen typing arrived, and it was difficult for me to jump on that train too. There’s Cloud storage, which I use a bit, but the point is, I was slipping into a rut because everything was changing. In my late twenties and early thirties, I used to be the guy upfront with the latest in mobile technology!

You know how it is: you were on top of the game as a young man, then success dulls your edge a bit. Then of course, the children arrive and you start being a bit less adventurous in order to be there for them. Add a few other factors, and you have a recipe for getting stuck in the rut.

In an odd sort of way, it took a silly dream to paint the picture clear. I was losing that cutting edge. And it took that dream to wake me up!


Here I am full of new life and a new zest to trailblaze in mobile technology. I will get my hands on the latest and the greatest and rock them like I used to. Let us say that I have been re-invigorated!

Consequent upon that dream, I have adopted the Samsung Galaxy S II as my primary mobile device. It is not exactly the latest and the greatest anymore, but it still exists within that elite upper echelon. I will be getting my hands on quad-core devices as soon as they hit the market. I am already diving into the world of cloud services, and I am embracing onscreen text input (as against my hardware QWERTY roots from the Communicators glory days).

NFC, voice control, the top camera phones, the biggest displays, and whatever next mobile technology throws at us, the adventurer in me is renewed! It was because of that wild spirit of adventure that I came to be known and respected as Mister Mobility.

It is by that same spirit of adventure that Mister Mobility shall live on! I had a dream. I have a dream!

  1. Really funny but we’ve experienced something like it a couple times here on MN when we do our platform thing.

    I said it when you mentioned the dream the first time that lack of total sense was because you were not fully in charge of proceedings.

    This is a replay of the admonition you hand out to people when they question your sincerity or authority here or elsewhere. The good thing is that Mr. Mobility is reborn.

  2. some may dislike the dream calling it ego tripping.But I say sometimes you need to do this,like Paul in the Bible did,it helps to shake people to order.That we yell at each other on the mobility, doesn’t mean there are no boys and men, at least from what has been contributed to the Industry.
    Dream on Mr mobility, in fact go back to the dream!

  3. Actually this is what you need. I noticed the slack X_X yep I did. It seemed you were reating on your oars and now I am happier 🙂

  4. Great dream. But my advice is that you shouldn’t just renegade on the past. Do not despise the earlier years. They are what made you.

    Look forward with zeal, but do not denigrate your Yester-years!

    “‘From inability to let well alone
    From too much zeal for the new and contempt for what is old From putting knowledge before wisdom, science before art, and Cleverness before common sense;
    From treating patients as cases;
    And from making the cure of the disease more grievous than the Endurance of the same, Good Lord, deliver us.’ – Sir Robert Hutchison

    We learnt the above in Medical School those days. These words are still some of my guiding principles. Those years, Mr. Mobility, in my opinion are the golden days of your life!

  5. Hey the Galaxy S II is not so bad, at least it got the award of best smartphone in the just concluded Mobile World Congress…

  6. Thank God for such dreams. Now I can look forward to reviews of some great devices soonest!
    Ride on Mr Mobility!

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