Mister Mobility Gets Interviewed By AfriPOP Magazine

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AfriPOP! got to interviewing our own Mister Mobility last week, and we thought you would be interested in how it went. AfriPOP’s introduction of Mister Mobility:

Yomi Adegboye’s expertise involve all things mobile and he has become the go-to source for that sector in Nigeria, which will eventually (if not already) include all of Africa. Having already built a tight-knit community around Mobility blog, his main platform for spreading his knowledge, it is interesting to watch how a “techie” on the continent is using social media to his advantage. Meet our AfriPOP! social media socialite of the week, Mr. Mobility

If you are interested in the interview, head here: AfriPOP! Socialite: Mr. Mobility.

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  1. Hey, I am interested to see an interview with Eye Bee Kay about all the apps available for his 5800. It would really be interesting…. NOT!!!

  2. @Glenda That’ll be a great thing. An interview with Eye.Bee.Kay on the ultimate Nokia 5800. Hehe. By the way, are you on Twitter? It’ll be nice to follow you. You may have some more witty comments up your sleeves there!

    Mr. Mobility; that’s a great thing. We’ve always been so proud of you. And you’ve not let us down yet. Cheerio. Please keep up the good works!

  3. Up Mobility Blog! lol.

    I read the interview, some of the questions don’t just baffle me but are strange, like…”Who should every African be following right now?”

    Is this really an African asking this question? Because last time I checked, Africa is the second largest continent in with world with as much diversity as there are interests.

    Wonder if I could find out what’s trending in “Africa” on Twitter?

  4. Afewgoodmen, I do not have twitter. Thank you for finding some of my comments witty.

  5. The last part was my fav. Keep your ideas to yourself before person wey get money thief man, launch am before you get a chance and then he/she lays claim to being the creator.

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