For close to two weeks now, as soon as I get within vicinity of my residence, Glo network signal disappears from my line. That means

Mister Mobility says goodbye to Glo

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For close to two weeks now, as soon as I get within vicinity of my residence, Glo network signal disappears from my line. That means that in my own home, I have been unreachable via voice and SMS, and I am unable to use Glo HSI. If I need to make a call on my line, I have to drive about 10 minutes outside of my home to do so. The last time I checked, that kind of thing happened way back in the early 2000s.

Yes; in 2001, I had an ECONET line (which Mrs Mo has faithfully used till date; that woman hasn’t got one shred of adventure DNA in her). It was our only telephone line back then. The gist is that ECONET network signal was the pits in our neck of the woods then. Our home was in a valley and to be able to place or receive phone calls, I had to stroll up the hill. Hunting around the house, I found a spot where – if I prayed and had faith long enough – I could pick the faintest of signals to receive a call, holding the phone up as high as possible and taking the call with a wired headset attached to my (or the Mrs’ ears). The reception was however never strong enough to initiate a call. I tried standing on a stool and also climbing the window sill, hanging on to the burglar proof for dear life. It was comedy extraordinary all the way.

But that was 2001 (or was it 2002?), thirteen or fourteen years ago. Whatever advanced location-based network services that Glo has recently launched and which now bars me from their networking in my own home is too advanced for me. I have contacted Glo customer care, but the situation has persisted. I am unable to imagine how many calls that I have missed, or how many friends, family members, clients and partners who may now be wondering why I have become incommunicado.

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Etisalat to have my number ported over to their network. Yes; I know that porting has its issues, but none of them seems to be at par with being unreachable in my own home. I will port first and come and tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about the experience. What is life without adventure and experiences?

As for Glo’s marketing thing about ruling your world, I wonder how I am supposed to rule anything if I can’t reach or be reached. As at tonight, I have had it. People praise me for having stuck with Glo this long. It isn’t my fault. I give a dog a long rope to hang it. Bar a miracle that happens while I sleep and the Glo network returns before I wake, it is adieu to Glo.

Pssst: I returned to Glo some months after. A story for another day 😉

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  1. Glo. Can’t shout with this network. A buddy told me it works great and that the download speed was awesome coupled with the fact that I could tether the bis plan to my tablet so I decided to port one of my airtel’s sim. 72hrs later port hadn’t taken effect. Irritated, I got a Glo sim card. I sweet talked the girl registering my line and in less that 20minutes it was active. I’ve no idea what she did because she had initially told me to wait for 4hrs. 2days later I’m sitting by the window looking at my Glo on 3G giving me 3kbs….and that’s even when I have network, its always searching. Did I mention it took them 3hrs to activate my BIS (after tweeting @GloCare and blowing grammar in emails- their call centre helpline kept blowing music in my ears for just too long)? Something MTN does after a battery pull.

    When I can make out time, would visit my buddy and give him a review of Glo. I will make sure to go with a stick. Getting rid of the Sim by weekend. Can’t deal

  2. Interesting development: Glo signal is back on my line – and I am at home!

    1. Either Glo people read this post and swung into action, or

    2. This is some freaky stuff.

    Your pick….

  3. Congratulations.
    As for issues with porting, I don’t know about others. Two months ago I ported my MTN line (080333……) to Etisalat. The whole process was accomplished in less than 30 minutes. I can call, send and receive SMS, make use of data. I can even recharge via quickteller without problem. Only problem was that on my first attempts to call the line after porting I was told the number did not exist. I didn’t know that I had to activate the line by initiating a call first. The customer care agent I spoke with (using the ported line) didn’t know either. He was telling me I had to wait for 24 to 48 before the porting can take effect. After speaking with him. I tried again, and it has been smooth sailing since.

  4. Duh. The Glo network is gone again. I see how this new advanced location service works – network availability from midnight to 2am?

    No thanks.

  5. My phone has been searching for glo network for the past two weeks…..staying with Etisalat for life abeg….i cant shout

  6. All this network palaver is a network thing, I used to feel a particlar network is better than the other. Until I realised it depends on your location. Now in my location glo is blazing and mtn,etisalat, airtel is snaily in another location. In another location mtn is blazing. So if you are experiecing any hiccup, stay cool. Na 9ja we dey.

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