Mobile Auction: Sony Xperia P and Nokia Lumia 610

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It is mobile spring cleaning time for me. I am bored. Having had the Sony Xperia P and Nokia Lumia 610 for a few months now, it is time to explore again. I need a new mobile to mess around with, so I am putting up these two for sale towards the new acquisition.

What I am doing here is asking interested buyers to make me offers for these devices. I will let them go at very low prices. They are both in sterling physical condition, as I take care of my phones well. There is not even a scratch on either phone as far as I can see, and my eyes are good.

The Sony Xperia P runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with a Jelly Bean update rolling out already. The Lumia 610 runs Windows Phone 7.8. Both use micro-SIMS. Sales boxes and accessories for both are intact.

You can bid for either device of your choice. Each device goes to the highest bidder. Buyers can pick their wins up on location at Ojodu (not Ogudu), Lagos. Delivery within and outside Lagos can be arranged. Offer starts at N20,000 each. Let the games begin!


  1. i hereby reverse my bidding for the xperia p from 30k down to 21k, sorry for the typing error.

  2. I wish to bid for the sony xperia @ a price of 25,000 naira
    Is the bid still open by the way?

  3. Bidding 12k plus a Nokia 603 running belle FP2 (wild grin) for Sony xperia P

  4. Bidding 12k plus a Nokia 603 running belle FP2 (wild grin) for Sony xperia P

    Olusheenor, dey dia dey bid. I dey come. Abeg, park!

  5. It is time to declare this auction closed. The winning bids are:

    1. Nokia Lumia 610 at N20,500 going to Akorede
    2. Sony Xperia P at N25,000 going to Ekene A.

    Congrats, guys! Kindly reach Omonzua on 08076400503 to arrange for payment and pickup of your devices.

    If she does not hear from you, the devices will be offered to the next highest bidders.

    Thanks to everyone who participated! Cheers.

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