Mobility Nigeria App Now On BlackBerry 10

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MobilityBlog on BB10

Months ago, we found out to our surprise that there exists an unofficial Mobility Nigeria app for BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook. It is a nice job by a Nigerian developer and MOBILITY fan who took the initiative all by himself.

Two days ago, I received an email from Olumadunwa Olusanya, the developer behind this, in which I was notified that the app had been updated to support BlackBerry OS 10. Nice! We appreciate all the effort that Mr. Olusanya puts into this. Thank you!

If you are a MOBILITY fan and own a BlackBerry Z10 or plan to own any BB10 device in the nearest future, don’t forget to check out the Mobility Nigeria for BlackBerry app.

Download Mobility Nigeria for BlackBerry OS


  1. When I first saw the Mobility App in the AppWorld on my bb I was really surprised and very happy. I quickly posted the fact on our mobility bb group attaching the link. It came as no surprise for me to realize nearly all the members of the group already knew about it and using the app. With this further development, am sure this our beloved site is poised for further growth.

    I may not be getting the bb10 in the foreseeable future, but as many as are willing to “upgrade” to BB10 will find mobility site waiting for them there.

    Long live and a big thanks to Mr. Olumadunwa Olusanya.

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