On the 7th of June 2008, the first article on MobilityNigeria was published. Advertisement From the 82 unique visitors and 1,127 page views registered in that month,…

MobilityNigeria from June 2008 till Date

treo 700pOn the 7th of June 2008, the first article on MobilityNigeria was published.


From the 82 unique visitors and 1,127 page views registered in that month, MobilityNigeria has grown in leaps and bounds to register 9,610 unique visitors and 16,874 page views in December 2009.

In addition, WebTrends Nigeria, a site that monitors and ranks Nigerian websites currently ranks Mobility Nigeria as number 31 in the country.


Other statistics of this website are available on our Contact page.

To be honest, the traffic between June and December 2008 was not quite encouraging, but we remember that Yomi and Dayo just kept going.


The entire team at the office sincerely thank our regulars here for helping to make this site the vibrant place that it has become. Can we also ask for your suggestions on how to make Mobility Nigeria a better resource for you? Please use the comments box to submit your suggestions.

Powered by CDMA?

Incidentally, while the majority of articles on this site have been focused on the GSM side of mobile technology in Nigeria, it is interesting to note that the very first article refered to earlier was Yomi’s escapade with browsing on a CDMA smartphone, the Treo P700 on the Reltel (now ZOOMmobile) network.

We are agreed that there is a need to tip the scales back a bit and put up more information about CDMA-based mobile technology. Expect to see more news, features and reviews from that side of the divide from now. And no; we will not be neglecting GSM in any way at all.

Advertisers, Sponsors, Phone & Manufacturers & Retailers

It takes a lot to keep a website like this going. We have to purchase or trade-in phones (whether we really need them or not) in order to have reviews. We spend huge amounts on purchasing mobile internet access and airtime from time to time in order to stay current with what is happening on various networks. Then, of course, there are web services expenses to take care of.

This is an invitation to advertisers. MobilityNigeria will give your business websites good exposure. You can even decide to sponsor the site. In this case, only your ads will feature on the site and the entire site branded completely to your corporate colours.

We invite phone manufacturers (Samsung, Nokia, and LG – you guys have a presence here in Nigeria) and retailers (even networks too) to step up and provide loan units for reviews. Two or three weeks and we’ll have the loan units returned to you in tip-top shape. Our reviews are good publicity for your products, services and/or shops.

Go ahead, you know we make business sense: email us!

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Founder of MobilityArena. Yomi's journey in mobile started in 2001. Besides obsessing over mobile phones, he also started creating WAP sites (early mobile-friendly websites created with WML). He began writing about phones in 2004 and has been at it since then. He has owned over 200 devices, from Symbian, Palm, PocketPC/Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/BB10, webOS, Windows Phone, Firefox, Ubuntu Touch, to Android, iOS, and KaiOS operating systems.

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  1. I so hope the phone manufacturers respond. It will be a revolution for bloggers in Naija. Most tech bloggers are popular for receiving free products for testing and review and hopefully the same will be done here in Nigeria.

    Congratulations on the growth of the site. It ain’t easy. BTW which software do you use to track your traffic statistics?

  2. You might want to consider sticking to Analytics alone. AWSTATS records a lot of visits from bots. At one point in time I thought I had hit the 3,000 unique visitors mark when in reality it was just 1,000 unique visitors for that month.

    AWSTATS works when i want to monitor my downloads and members who log-in

  3. Chukwudi,

    It is generally good practice to run more than one – especially where their strengths differ. That way, you get a more accurate picture. As you pointed out, Awstats and GA have different strengths. That’s why we use them both.

    GoingUp uses PHP tracking, which has potentials to be even more accurate than GA which is javascript-based and thus has some limitations.


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