Mobility Top Picks: Top Two Smartphones of 2013

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Mobility Top Picks

2013 was a deluge of phones. There was something for everybody. However, my key focus in drawing up this list is the mass market, and my goal is to draw attention to the best value for money smartphones in the market for the year. Also, I have picked phones that are still the best value for money phones crossing into 2014. Which phones made the cut?

[1] Nokia Lumia 520 (Windows Phone 8 OS)
Lumia 520
This diminutive device literally gave Windows Phone OS visibility and leverage on a global scale. It is a superb performer and currently holds over 30% of the Windows Phone market globally. It puts the sexiness of Windows Phone in your hands at just below N20,000.

[2] TECNO P5 (Android 4.2 OS)
The P5 is successor to the hugely successful P3. It is dual-SIM too and puts Android Jelly Beans in your pocket for less than N20,000 too. I think that the white version looks better though, but that could just be me…

Both of them run on dual-core 1GHz processors and 512MB of RAM (which gives the Lumia a strong edge), and both have 4-inch displays. Interesting match. You can’t go wrong by any significant margin if you spend on either of these two devices. For those who are not restricted by a budget, oh well…the highway is yours.