MTN and Orange fined $160 million in Cameroon

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In Cameroon, MTN and Orange have been fined over $160 million for failing to pay taxes on games and gambling services by the Central African nation’s corruption board.

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A wide-reaching probe into the sector led to fines totalling $283 million, and found other companies including Camtel and Viettel were also in violation of regulations. It is not clear how much has been paid by each of the operators.

Source. Thanks to EyeBeeKay for the tip!


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  1. MTN is a pathologically corrupt, lawless, devious and greedy capitalist company everywhere they operate.

    They like to circumvent rules of engagement and when caught, they won’t want to pay fines.

    I don’t care a damn about their current panic re-registration of subscribers.

    Thank goodness, there are alternative networks.


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