MTN cheating subscribers on 50mb daily bundle?

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On the heels of MTN’s announcement of bundle data packages has come complaints from a wide range of users that the supposedly 50mb package delivers much less than the touted 50mb of data.

The alarm was first raised by a fellow mobile enthusiast. In his words:

I checked the data counter on my P1 and discovered that with MTN settings, it reads;

Total sent : 1.1 MB
Total received: 8.0 MB

After loading and using the N500 One-time option that offers 50 MB, the data counter should be reading 50 MB + . Moreso, since I was cut off 12 hours after loading instead of 24 hours. Did MTN play a fast one on me?

Personally, I had to vertify this, so I installed a 3rd party counter on my device and subscribed to the 50mb package again. MTN’s system terminated my 50mb bundle access when my usage hit 25mb!

Fellow contributor, Dayo Olutunfese, pretty much confirmed the bad news when in a chat he mentioned that the data counter on his Nokia E71 reads 100mb after using the MTN 50mb bundle package thrice.

MTN’s bundle packages had earned the company accolades from even the most die-hard MTN-haters. But the tide is fast turning again. One such individual who had been full of praise for MTN Niigeria in recent times, said recently in the wake of this new development:

I think my honeymoon affair with mtn is over and reality has kicked back in. MTN ARE CROOKS! (AAHH! That feels better!!)

In the meantime, a few mobile data users are already considering taking this up with the NCC. Is this discrepancy between MTN’s claims and subscribers’ experiences due to a temporary network glitch, or is it an example of “network fraud”? Time will tell.


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