I have used several internet services from telcos over the years, including MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, Multilinks, Starcomms, and ZOOMMobile. While none of them has

MTN internet service unavailable

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I have used several internet services from telcos over the years, including MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, Multilinks, Starcomms, and ZOOMMobile. While none of them has been totally reliable, one of them has consistently thrown up an error message year after year. It baffles me.

Last week, I was alerted by a follower that Mobility was down. When he mentioned to me that the error message he was getting was “Service unavailable,” I knew that he was an MTN user and knew that there was no way in heaven or hell that the site was down. Over the years, I had gotten enough false alerts from MTN users who get that message sometimes when attempting to visit Mobility and other websites that I have run.

Anyway, I checked the site, and just as I believed, it was running along fine and loading on other connections. Last week, I took an MTN internet subscription, and my experience has been the same. The “Service Unavailable” error keeps popping up to interrupt my work here on Mobility and elsewhere though the site is online and working when I use another ISP.

I have contacted MTN about this a couple of times in the past. But I doubt that the customer care pele that I spoke to understood half of what I said or even documented it properly. On one occasions, I mailed the MTN Nigeria helpdesk with detailed info, including web address, IP, and screenshots. Nothing came out of it.

This “Service Unavailable” wahala is why I generally stay away from an MTN internet connection. It is a royal pain in the ass. It is Alao the reason why I cannot recommend MTN mobile internet to any Mobility fan. Will this article make any difference? Am I a learner? I won’t be holding my breath.

PS: Possible conspiracy theory: perhaps you Mobility readers bash MTN too much here and this is an attempt by the Y’hello boys to take their pound of flesh on you. Maybe you guys need to be nicer from now on. Huh?


  1. MTN was the fastest mobile internet service in Abuja all the while I was there (2010 – July 2012), until Etisalat 3.75G was launched. And I really enjoyed the MTN/DSTV Mobile TV service too.

    In the past few months however, I’d heard and read many negative reports about their deteriorating services. 🙁

  2. Try changing your DNS settings. Solves most Nigerian carrier issues like these. Also solves Etisalat Skydrive connection issues & sometimes speed related issues [DNS query overload on carrier server, etc]

  3. Sometimes I wonder if these guys run customer care at all , not even a reply.

    On 1st April I mentioned MTN in an April-fool-joke announcement and they didn’t even disclaim it. They were probably on holiday – lol

  4. Well, I have been experiencing Mobility Blog being intermittently down recently. It has happened at least thrice this year.

    And no, I am NOT using MTN.

    Perhaps Admin also needs to determine the cause of those errant errors and nip it permanently in the bud.

  5. I don’t think it’s an MTN only issue. I got an error message as recently as yesterday while using etisalat.

  6. I’ve been having some problems with Mobility blog recently too, including yesterday. Sometimes I try multiple times and still won’t be able to connect and I’m using Airtel line.

    Maybe there’s problem with our GSM operators and their networks but Peter from Rhode UK just commented and also have been having problems too. Maybe there’s a problem with Mobility blog truly.

  7. Mobility has been down on and off for a while now. As for MTN, when it’s good it’s very good, when it’s bad it simply ceases to do anything.

  8. I have had problems accessing mobility lately on Airtel and MTN. I dont think its a network issue. Network has been fine and other sites load without issues.

  9. MTN has never ceased to amaze me. With all the resources they have, they are still finding it difficult to come up with a solid data services that will impress everyone. The high degree of unreliability in their data services after all these years still baffles me.

    Among MTN, Etisalat and Glo that I have tried, etisalat seem to be the fastest and most reliable among them all.

  10. just to help you resolve your issue faster. im using swift networks and i wasnt able to access mobility for almost 2 wks before today. SO its not an mtn only issue

  11. Help!!! I dn’t knw understand dis MTN netwrk~ error in connection, i cn’t call and they couldn’t get reach me. I dn’t knw what do i do. anyway dis is my numb. 08105696323

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