MTN introduces Micro SIM cards for Apple iPad and iPhone 4 Users in Nigeria

Posted by Afewgoodmen

Just last week, Mobility Nigeria’s top executive, Mr. Yomi Adegboye published an article on the state of the Nigerian mobile ecosystem about new trends in the Nigerian mobile space. In that article, he dropped the hint that the Apple iPhone would soon be available from one of the major GSM network carriers in Nigeria.

Well, over the weekend MTN Nigeria published an announcement introducing “Micro SIM cards for the Apple iPad and iPhone 4 users in Nigeria” in the Sunday Vanguard Newspaper.

The MTN announcement noted that “in keeping with the fast pace of innovation in telecom services,” they have now introduced Micro SIM cards for use in compatible devices such as the Apple’s iPad and iPhone 4 Smartphones.

This micro-SIM card is said to measure 12 X 15mm and it is a diminutive plastic card about 52% smaller than a standard SIM card, and also has adequate storage space on chip for provider applications, increased control and security functions.

MTN Nigeria boasted that their customers “will be the first to in Nigeria to benefit from convenient access to Micro SIM cards”. The Micro SIM card would be available to both their pre-paid and post-paid customers at a cost of only 1,000 NGN.

This news though laudable still falls short of bringing the iPhone 4 and other iOS devices to Nigeria. Can we rightfully imply that with this announcement, MTN is preparing the ground for a more formal launch of the iPhone in Nigeria? Your guess is probably as good as mine. We can only wait and see.


  1. good move.

    as usual, the Yellow Boys always come pricy on everything!

    ” The Micro SIM card would be available to both their pre-paid and post-paid customers at a cost of only 1,000 NGN”

    now, where is that pair of scissors. some surgery on my standard sim. a steady pair of hands, and i can make at least N800 each cutting SIMs for people….lol

  2. Good one there EyeBeeKay.
    These MTN guys think they can go on ripping us off.

    Am waiting for my N750 recharge card from you. Its obvious MTN is the network isn’t it?

  3. @Deoladoctor. Yomi would declare the winner. Lol! And who says MTN has won? For all we know, Glo may just be planning it too and beat MTN to the gun!

  4. Just for 1000 naira? I’ve all my 4 sim cards cut and besides i’m using all the four on just two phones.
    Well, thats a nice inventive from mtn.

  5. Gentlemen, let’s not overlook what is mentioned above in the article:

    “adequate storage space on chip for provider applications, increased control and security functions”

    Increased control and security functions in this tiny sim card. Just maybe it will be worth the N1000.:-) 🙂 🙂

  6. Now let’s not forget this, an adapter will soon come out for those who want to use their sim on regular phones and it will cost in region of like N2000 only. 🙂 🙂

  7. We cannot expect less, since they are the first to come out with such an initiative, they always rip Nigerians off… but then again, good move

  8. MTN has consistently proved that they the top network of choice.
    They are also expensive in some ways. I think MTN should be able to provide a sim swap for a micro sim at no cost.
    Well I have an Iphone 4 and I am glad to tell you that I have used an MTN line in it and am presently using a Glo line on it. I have tried Zain card on it but that would not work. I wonder what Zain is doing?

    Note that I cut all the sim cards to micro sim size myself.

  9. please where in nigeria can i purchase the micro sim card 4 my iphone 4 instead of cutting or fabricatting an old sim card. i live in port harcourt , nigeria

  10. manzo, you should be able to buy the micro-sim in any of the MTN service centres. At least, that is what the advert says.

  11. Will you be able to access the internet using the micro SIM on your Ipad,no mention of that.

  12. @Yinka7@hotmail. oF COURSE. you will have internet access once the MTN micro SIM is connected. In fact, also with any other “adjusted” SIM from any network!!

    In addition the only thing is that you will have to remove the SIM and fix it into a phone each time you want to subscribe to data plan.

    And i must add that it worth it, because the MTN 3G on the iPad is very fast.

  14. @Bosun. Does the ipad work in regions where there is only EDGE or GPRS (GSm)? Or does it only work in 3G Network?

  15. @Afewgoodmen

    It works.

    There have been instances when we get EDGE (on the screen). But we always reset the connection so that it reconnects to 3G because the 3G is much more faster than EDGE. It looks like it automatically picks EDGE when 3G is not strong in the area one is.

  16. @bosun
    I’m really thinking of getting an iphone 4. Don’t like blackberry at all. Could you please give me an idea of the cost for the MTN 3g on your ipad and also how much data (MB or GB) you are allowed to download every month.

  17. Believe it or not, the ipad is finally available at the MTN store in Warri, Delta State. The 16 GB + 3G goes for 130 Naira, the 32GB + 3G goes for 150 Naira, while the 64GB+3G costs 185 Naira!

    When I asked the reps in the MTN store for a leaflet or if I could find more details on their site; I was told that there was no leaflet and that it was a regional thing! It was not also present country-wide but just in a few regional Stores and there was no info on their site!!

    My question is why is it just so un-official? Why isn’t there a promo?

  18. @Igwe
    The iPad actually belongs to a close relation but I get to use it each time I visit.

    The MTN data package used is MTN 8,000 for 5GB with 30 day validity.

    And I must say that we always finish the 5GB.

  19. @Afewgoodmen

    I hope its not some smart guy making good sales under the MTN name.

    And its a bit costly 64GB+3G costs around 160k Naira in lagos.

  20. I have an iphone 4 but my ‘scissorsed’ mtn line is not displaying network. All I get is 1 bar or no network. Do I have to go through the whole jailbreak process or what else do I need?

  21. @ibkay

    If you feel the MTN sim was not well cut or its not getting service properly and you are sure its not network in ur area then i will advice you get the MTN sim for iPhone 4 and iPad, its just 1k.

    For your phone to get at least 1bar means its unlocked, unless you want to jailbreak for a different reason.

  22. I just got 1phone 4. I cut my glo sim and inserted it but it didn’t work. it asked for a an actviated sim. Did you active your sim or could it be my phone is locked?

  23. i got an iphone 4 and it says it is commitment free and can be used internationally. when i inserted the cut sim of my glo, it says no service. does this mean it is unlocked cos i see a padlock sign at the top of the sim.

  24. If you cut it well it will work. I have seen people that use it that way. You can also save your self the stress with 1000 for MTN micro sim

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