MTN Nigeria reverts to discontinued data plans

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What the post title says. Yes, MTN Nigeria has reverted to the old data plans that they discontinued just a few days ago. At times, one just wonders.

However, from the document I have here, the Nite Plan (9pm-6am) now has a 5GB data cap and costs a whopping N8,000 per month. As I said in my previous opinion on this subject, that Nite plan was a pain in the neck and a source of network issues. If this pricing for the Nite Plan is correct, MTN is trying to take care of that.

  1. They are either testing the reaction of the masses to such a nice, or just trying to draw attention to their unexciting data offerings. As I said in the previous post, my only worry would have been the reaction it could generate on the other operators since I’ve long stopped using their data services.

  2. They never know the root of their problems. Let them keep on searching. Why discourage those subscribing for your night plan? Why wouldn’t you just increase capacity for that time so those nite subscriptions will not disturb the data access of other subscribers.

    E no kuku concern me. I no dey use them at all.

  3. They are definitely confused. N8,000 for 5GB for a night plan? When for N8,500 I will get 7987MB which I can use any time of the day, and for N7,500 I will get 6GB from glo also available 24/7.

  4. Mtn is just confused. They should just increase their capacity. Anyway i dont use them for data.

  5. I see that someone in corporate has been smoking a lot of shisha with ganja mixed in.

  6. I’ll have to agree with the person that said they are just checking to see the reaction of their customers. I have their site open as I’m typing this comment. They have reverted back completely to the old price regime.

    Good for them, as this would have been a terrible mistake.

    @Mister Mo, I have a feeling you are included in the few who had a bad experience with the night plan. I think if you asked others, they are likely to have had a different experience. Just my thoughts.

  7. Since when did it become okay to jerk customers’ chains like this, what are we now, Pavlov’s experimental dogs? This is no way to conduct market research, if indeed that’s what it was.

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