Multitasking On Belle OS Still Second To None

Belle OS multitasking

Using the Nokia 808 PureView as my daily smartphone in the last couple of weeks has been fun in different ways. One of the things that sets it apart is how multitasking is implemented on the Belle OS that it runs (and its progenitor, Symbian OS). To summarise it, Belle (and MeeGo) still have the best implementation of multitasking on any smartphone platform.

It will be argued that Android OS also features full multitasking. That argument is only on paper. In everyday use, multitasking on Belle is light years ahead of what obtains on Android. Having used the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, and HTC One X, among several others, in the last one year, a common trend on all these Android devices is how if you leave an app open in the background and go do other things for a significant period, when you return to that app, it is actually reloaded. This may not seem like a big deal, unless you are on a limited data plan and using the web browser for example. Any open pages are loaded afresh, thereby eating up your data.

On Belle OS, I comfortably leave webpages open and go away for a whole day, and return to find them there as I left them. It saves me time and it conserves my data.

One other smartphone platform that offers multitasking at this superb level is MeeGo. This is why I am waiting excitedly for smartphones from Jolla Mobile and their MeeGo-based Jolla OS. BlackBerry OS operates similar to this, and I hope to God that RIM will keep the faith and give us proper multitasking on OS 10 as well. WebOS was splendid too on this score, but that platform is effectively dead.

For now, if you desire proper multitasking on your smartphone, Belle OS and BlackBerry OS 7 devices are what the doctor ordered.

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