One moment, I was using it. The next moment, it went blank, and that was it. My TECNO Camon CM shut down and has refused

My TECNO Camon CM shut down just like that after 10 months

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One moment, I was using it. The next moment, it went blank, and that was it. My TECNO Camon CM shut down and has refused to come back on since.

I am still in shock, because it was working fine and gave no warning signs that anything was wrong. It just up and shut down.

TECNO Camon CM Photos rear camera

It was just yesterday that a friend mentioned some tweets about someone’s similar experience with their TECNO Phantom 5 and 6 phones:

At the time, I never imagined that it would happen to me. My phone had served me very well since March last year. As a matter of fact, I dismissed the friend’s taunts.

My Camon CM’s sudden death

And then yesterday, it just quit on me. No warnings, no special effects on the screen. No quirky sizzling sound. The screen just went off and nothing I have done has made it give any sign of life. This is juju. I need new friends.

So, I plugged it to the wall socket to charge, but it didn’t give any charging indicator light. I pressed and held the Power button but got no response either. We have tried to reset it using different button combinations – Volume Up + Power, Volume Down + Power, all to no avail.

tecno camon cm angle

Just like that, my Camon CM was dead 10 months after its purchase. If it had been in the hands of one of the children when it died, there is no way I wouldn’t have believed that they did something to make it die like that. But it was in my hand. I wasn’t pounding yam with it and it didn’t drop from my hand, so I cannot blame myself. It was not plugged, so I cannot blame Eko Electricity Distribution.

I loved the phone. It was a beautiful phone.

Time to move on

Anyway, I have sent it off to TECNO’s service centre, so they can fix it. Perhaps they can redeem the situation. It is still under warranty, as it is only 10 months old this month. Can it be fixed? If it cannot be fixed, will it be replaced? I have never had to test TECNO’s 13 months warranty service till now.

In the meantime, I am getting a replacement smartphone. I am told there are long waiting queues at service centres and this may take weeks to be resolved. So I need a replacement phone. I would have picked another TECNO, as I am a fan of the brand. But all of a sudden, I don’t feel so comfortable with one right now.

Maybe it is the shock of the Camon CM’s sudden death that I am yet to recover from. Maybe I will recover; maybe I won’t.


Here is the follow-up story: Mrs. Mo’s Camon CM is back from CarlCare Ikeja.

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  1. Sorry about that. It’s time to move.
    I’m sure you should be able to get a good deal from their service care centre.

  2. Well, those TecNose can be funny.

    I had two of the débutant Tecno Tablets.

    They both went to sleep , and never came up again. Ever.

    Just like that.

  3. Oh wow. You people are scaring me. And I’m here looking at my Camon C5 and hoping it doesn’t die on me suddenly.

    It’s not my main phone at the moment, which probably isn’t a bad thing (and has extended its life).

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