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After a number of weeks of Glo keeping me off their network whenever I am at home, and after several years of a love-hate relationship, I finally walked into an Etisalat store two days ago to initiate the porting of my line. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) enables users to retain their mobile numbers when they wish to change from one mobile network to another. Porting from Glo to Etisalat would mean that I get to retain my number (and stop confusing my parents, siblings and others after years of changing lines), yet use Etisalat’s network and services.

From the accounts of most others who have ported their lines, I was expecting hitches, and I wasn’t disappointed. After initiating the porting process with Etisalat, my Glo line was deactivated under 18 hours. I took out that SIM from my phone and replaced it with my new Etisalat and dialled 200 as instructed. I was welcomed to the Etisalat network by an automated voice system and my number was read out to me. So far, so good.

I purchased some airtime and dialled to load. I got the following error:

Glo to Etisalat port - loading airtime

One more try and it was the same. Then I tried calling my line. No response. I sent an SMS. It didn’t go through. It was time to get back to Etisalat to have them iron things out. I lodged a complaint and the issues were forwarded to the appropriate department, I was told. In about an hour, I got a call on my line (Yay! Calls now work) from the Etisalat rep saying that the issue had been resolved.

Calls and SMS have been coming in without issues since then. BUT…I am still unable to load airtime. I keep getting that same response when I try to. Yes; I am caught in limbo. I shall knock on Etisalat’s doors again this morning. But wait! Lemme try to make calls and send SMS without credit/airtime to see if it works. If it works, you are the darned best network and lovers in the world. Which reminds me of Davido’s “Aye”:

Cause you want e my love o
She no want designer
She no want Ferrari

You guys want me, but don’t want my money? Awwwwwww! True love really still exists!!


  1. GLO is still the odd one out when it comes to MNP. It’s virtually seamless for every other network these days. Typically takes less than 30 mins, especially from MTN.

  2. I ported from MTN to glo around a month ago. In about an hour or so, my line was active. I have absolutely no regrets about porting. Excellent call tariffs, excellent data services. #winning 😀

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