A quick checklist of my gripes about the HTC HD7. Advertisement No multitasking No copy and paste (coming soon though) No Bluetooth file transfer No

My Gripes about the HTC HD7

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A quick checklist of my gripes about the HTC HD7.


hd7 in hand

  1. No multitasking
  2. No copy and paste (coming soon though)
  3. No Bluetooth file transfer
  4. No USB mass storage
  5. Over-dependence on Zune
  6. Tinny audio quality
  7. Lack of landscape mode in some menus
  8. Limited features in landscape mode where available: For example, when browsing landscape in the web browser, there is no access to the browser menu at all e.g. you cannot type an address, but have to go back to portrait to do that
  9. Uninspiring camera performance: HTC have never been good at cameras. Nothing new.
  10. Inability to send PDF files as attachment in email

Odd, with a 4.3-inch display I was looking forward to having the battery die on me every four hours or something. So far, so good, that hasn’t happened, but I will come to battery performance later.


Next up: What I like about the HD7.

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  1. Strange, but this gripes you have (apert from the last) is familiar to everyone and has not really been a State Secret. If you could put up with the gripes and actually recommend the phone, then perhaps they aren’t any gripes at all but features that you could actually do without!

    Interesting all the same.

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