My name is God. Really?

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I’m sorry to disturb you! My name is God. You hardly have time for me. I love you and always bless you. I am always with you. I need you to spend 30 minutes of your time with Me today. Don’t pray. Just praise. Today I want this message across the world before midnight. Will you help ? Please do not cut it and I’ll help you with something that you are in need of. Just dare Me! A blessing is coming your way. Pleased drop everything & pass it on. Tomorrow will be the Best Day of your Life. Don’t break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes.

Sigh. Please pass me a double hotdog shawarma. If you have words, please comment.


  1. Any text or email that asks to be sent on to receive good luck or a blessing I delete the message and put the sender on notice.

    *passes Abigail the chocolate chip cookies*

  2. People who receive and immediately send out these ridiculous chain messages are mentally weak, scared and religiously insecure.

  3. I have been branded a heretic (thank God we are past the time of the inquisition else I would been tied to a stake and burnt) and pagan (even when she hasn’t seen offer small animals as sacrifice to a wooden stuff) for my stand against such messages. I find it disheartening that people stop using their brains once God is brought up and allow themselves to be conned.

  4. A friend of mine said this: “The password to the average nigerian’s brain is ‘GOD’…just mention it in a sentence and the brain locks up and stops reasoning.”

  5. Don’t mind Mister Mo ohhh. That’s his own way of passing it on and collecting blessing. Now me too make I share collect blessing dey go jor

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