This app adds an extra swag to your navigation bar

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The most common way of customizing your Android device would be to use launchers, with a couple of themes installed. Some may go ahead to root their phones, install Xposed framework, and do more serious tweaks and customizations. It can get to the extent of flashing ROMs with other built-in features. Yes, Android gives us that freedom. On the flip side, this app called Navbar App, introduces a new cool way of customizing just your navigation bar.

Navbar app

The Navbar App features

This Navbar App allows you the luxury of customizing your navigation bar. You can choose for it to mimic the color of a current app, or you select a color from the palette. You can also set it to show the battery percentage. My favorite feature is the ability to select custom made pictures – this is a premium feature. To cap it all up, all these are done without need for root. Simply download it and set your preferences.

NavBar App 2

Taking a leaf off President Trumps campaign line, “Make Navigation Bar great again”. It looks to have fulfilled that promise. There is a Google Plus community (which you can join here) to request for and get more custom made images for your navigation bar. Download Navbar App from Google Play Store HERE.

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