When looking at mobility, the default point of focus is the mobile phone, be it a featurephone or smartphone. Yet, in the last few years

Netbooks, Mini Notebooks, Tablet PCs and mobility

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When looking at mobility, the default point of focus is the mobile phone, be it a featurephone or smartphone. Yet, in the last few years mobility has gradually assimilated netbooks, mini notebooks and tablet PCs. As a matter of fact, some of these new mobile devices now have wireless radios and modems built-in.

Acer AspireOne netbook

At Mobility Nigeria (and our sister company, Alireta), we are of the opinion that it is time we expand the scope of this website to cover these devices. For example, here at the office, we use an Acer AspireOne netbook that is the size of a small hard-cover notebook – smaller than the typical desk diary and very mobile. Some netbooks come smaller than that.

Nokia’s new netbook (the 3G Booklet) has further narrowed down the gap between computers and smartphones. More manufacturers are pitching in this direction as well. It is just a matter of time before they become more mainstream mobile devices.

We have created a section for netbooks, mini notebooks, and tablet PCs in the MobilityNigeria Forums. Users and visitors can post news items and discuss these devices, as well as find help with issues they may face with them.

Do you have a netbook or tablet PC? Have you played around with one? What is your take on their place in mobility?


  1. My take;

    Its too small and too miserly. The price is inching up towards regular laptops so why shell that much for this less?

  2. archie, there are those who would argue too that your Nokia E90 is too small, costs more than many PCs, netbooks and notebooks in d market , and does not do as much as those 😉

  3. In this part of the world smart and feature phones remains the most reliable device for mobility because of the state of our electricity. No matter how long you charge the bettery of a note book, can it last as long a phone’s battery would?

    Access to the internet is far cheaper on a phone. How long will a 100mb bundle last while browsing via a pc (note book/tablet pc)?

  4. Let us hope that ongoig advances in battery technology, coupled with more energy-efficient processors and display systems will extend the battery life of computing systems (smartphones, tablet PcS, e.t.c) drastically.

    Display (and keyboard) size on smartphones may be their most cogent limiting factors.

    There limitations are partially addressed by portable wireless keyboards and smartphones with TV-out facility. Not too convenient, though..

    I guess one has to sacrifice something for something. The convenience of a tablet PC (bigger screen) is reduced by my inability to put it in my jacket pocket; the convenience of a smartphone (longer battery life, better portability) is also cancelled by possibility of eye strain and reduced data input speed…

  5. can you get your hands on the new lenovo thinkpad x100e ultraportable? lovely notebook except for the excessive heat production and the short battery life. i guess it’s the AMD processor.

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