New gesture-based caller experience on Lumia

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Microsoft has launched their new Beta Labs download that focuses on improving the caller experience. With the new release, you will be able to answer a call by bringing your Lumia to your ear, mute the microphone during call by putting the device display down, or put an ongoing call to the speaker when the device is placed on the table, display up.

Here is a list of auto actions that Gestures beta adds to your device:

  • Silence incoming calls when you place the phone face down on a surface
  • Answer incoming calls when you raise the phone to your ear
  • Toggle speaker mode during a call when you place the phone face up on a surface or raise it back to your ear
  • Mute the microphone when you place the phone face down on a surface during a call

Lumia Gestures beta

An example of how this works:

Think about coming home and talking to someone with your Lumia in one hand. By simply putting the phone on a table, it will switch to speakerphone while you to take your coat off. When you’re ready, just pick it up again and move around the house. It has a nice flow.

You can try it out now already. Just remember that it is still in beta stage. The features will likely be baked into the Windows software for your device once out of beta.

Download Gestures Beta


  1. The fact something this has been implemented on WindowsPhone is proof that this OS is maturing gradually.

    On Android, apps like Tasker, AutoMagic, MacroDroid, etc, have been doing this, and much much more, for ages…

    A good thing for the WindowsPhone lovers..

  2. Eye_Bee_Kay these functionalities are actually baked into TouchWiz, no need to download 3P apps

  3. @3rd World Techie,

    Luckily, we don’t all use Samsung phones..

    So some of us still need those Automation apps.

    Besides, they do much much much more than we have in this post.

  4. true, just saying it’s not something you need 3P apps for. it’s available in other OEM ROMs/skins besides Touchwiz (eg Sense)

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