Clearly determined to ride the full waves of the QWERTY revolution that has been going on in the mobile sector for the last few years,

New Nokia QWERTYs – C3, E5, and C6

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Clearly determined to ride the full waves of the QWERTY revolution that has been going on in the mobile sector for the last few years, global market leader Nokia has announced three new devices packing QWERTY keyboards.

nokia c3 e5 c6

The C3 (left) is an S40 device featuring GSM/GPRS/EDGE (no 3G) and surprisingly Wi-fi.

The E5 (middle) is an S60 3rd Edition device featuring GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G, Wi-fi, a 5 megapixel fixed-focus camera with LED flash, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 3.5mm audio jack, among other features. Like the C3, it comes in a block form factor.

The C6 (right) – clearly a move by Nokia to deliver high-end specs on a mid-range device – is an S60 5th Edition device with a side-sliding full QWERTY keyboard featuring GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a 5 mega-pixel camera and a touchscreen.

The C6 is basically an N97 Mini packed in a cheaper casing. As a matter of fact, all three devices offer amazingly low prices for the features they pack, with estimated prices of 90, 180, and 220 Euros respectively.


  1. Mahogany: Yeah, those phones are like old wine in new bottle but I think Nokia only want to continue to be the number one phone maker in the world. Thats why lately, it has been churning out high end devices at amazingly low prices….

  2. Am only impressed in the c3,seems thats the first nokia s40 made phone with qwerty keypad

  3. well nokia will remain number one as long as they keep selling cheap phones in India, China and Nigeria.

  4. after trying out qwerty, i really don’t care much for less. I wonder when these beauties will come to these shores.

  5. I think nokia is just following the latest trends by manufacturers. One phone coming in different flavours. It translate to affordability for us consumers.

    Nice business moves by Nokia if you ask me.

  6. Yeah, I love Nokia on this. The C6 promises to be a good phone. I believe the best in the bunch. ANd if it has features similar to a Nokia N97 mini, then it is cool! And at a price of 220 Dollars before tax, that is a good bargain. I think it would be a seller and a killer phone. Much like the 5900.

  7. @Computers

    I think he means nokia 5800.
    Don’t blame him, he is an iphone guy and may not know much about nokias or symbians for that matter.

  8. i wonder what nokia designers are drinking these days. lol. don’t they see the type of phones coming out from htc?

  9. These are just mid class phones and not top of the class phones. And of course less expensive than those of HTC. Nokia’s top class phones should meet HTC’s design. they aren’t sleeping, they’re just being slow and taking their time to design phones with a WOW sexy design. Yes, Deoladoctor is Right,. I meant Nokia 5800.

  10. I wonder just why Nokia likes to incessantly churn out indistinguishable models. While I appreciate the need to bring out new models from time to time, it would appear this is excessive.

    If you look @ so many phones from this folk, you can not really find the justification for bringings out ome of them.
    This proliferation of models is just a recipe for chaos.

    Unless there is really something new (technologically or innovatively) to bring to the table, why keep churning out sets of phones with similar specs -as to be virtually indistinguishable (E63/E71/E72;


    N97 / N97 Mini / X6)

    Keeping track of the numerous models (some that get phased out in just 2 years) is an uphill task. How easy would it be to continue to provide support / parts / accessories if there are numerous models in Nokia portfolio?

    I suppose they must continue this trend to stay in business, and keep a firm hold on our financial jugular.

    Technologically, these new set of devices – apart from the price, is decidedly un-newsworthy and unnoteworthy…

  11. I just read and article publish by Jehovah witness on how technology drive people crazy. Nokia should stop disturbing people with phone with this same specifications. If their is away they can ungraded and existing phone to meet this same specifications they should do. Dont be addicts to technology is tend to change in course of time.

  12. i wonder how the GUI on these phones will look like. Anything like what we are used to? Any hint… anybody?

  13. A good move by nokia. One can easily get one of these new nokia phones without having to break the bank.
    @ eyebeekay, what more specs do u want nokia to add to these phones?
    Technology surely will get to a stage that same products would be reinvented in differnt ways.
    Just like TV sets. The days of black and white is gone now we have colour tv coming in different forms (wide screen, lcd, plasma etc). Can there be any TV technology after colour TV? Only time will tell.
    Nokia ….. Connecting people.

  14. @kay123, I think Nokia is a great company. There is a phone (in their stable) for almost everybody.

    I just bought a Nokia 1202 as a gift for N3,200. Incredible value for kin-kin-ni money!

    So what is the difference between this phone and many other numerous dirt cheap phones in their stable? Nothing, more or less!
    If a Nokia E90 & SE P1i can still hold their own against so many other phones years later, we can deductively conclude that not much has changed technologically in two years. Maybe Nokia (and others) need/s to expend more of its/their (energy) resources on pushing the frontiers of technology, rather than releasing models after models – with nothing new being offered.
    As regards the aggressive pricing, what is wrong with cutting prices while maintaining the product range?

    As regards the television example you cited, when Samsung announces a new model, usually you would expecat major distinguishing features compared to earlier models. Either in terms of the display technology used (crt, plasma, lcd, OLED), physical attribute (screen size, thinner/lighter that competing models, bluetooth,PC connexion, HDMI), advances in power consumption level, e.t.c
    It is possible to pick several Nokia phones in the same period having exactly the same (or close to same) set of features,in the same price range. Is that not hideously and monotonously boring?

  15. @Archie, since these are S40, S60v3 & S60v5 devices, the GUI (Graphical User InterFace) is what already exists with those OSes.

    If you are looking for a different and more functional / entertaining GUI, you will probably need to look in the direction of third party apps (e.g, GDesk, Handy Shell, Voyager Menu, )

  16. I do not see anything bad in Nokia providing old and top class flavours in mid class or cheap skins. If you ask me I would say it is good marketing strategy. After satisfying their top notch customers in making expensive smart phones like the Nokia N97, the E90 and so on, and after recouping their money spent on R&D; I don’t see why they cannot make the phone cheaper with the same features and OS. Anyone who feels the design is not healthy enough or the materials used screams of cheap plastic, should get other models like the N97 or X6. If you think this new ones meet your then, then feel free to get them.

    I am sure I would get them immediately they are out! 220 Dollars is a good bargain for the C6.

  17. who cares if NOkia recycle their phones or not.if the pricing is right & pocket friendly & phone is versertile bring them all on we make our choices & buy them.

  18. has anybody seen these beauties around these parts (Nigeria?) I might want to try the C6. Its the one that looks like it might have some decent oomph. E5 may as well.

  19. It appears the phones aren’t out yet. I maintain that Nokia did a good job with this beauties. Very good feature/price ratio!

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