Advertisement I got wind of news of a petition by Android users demanding for a special data plan from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). This

Nigeria: Android users petition NCC for special data plan?

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Android users NCC data plan


I got wind of news of a petition by Android users demanding for a special data plan from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). This is quite an amusing development. Here is an excerpt from the petition:

Over the years , there has been this hue and cry by android users against the high cost of data on android. Researches have shown that android apps are ‘Data Hungry Apps’ which is the main reason for high data consumption. Nevertheless , the monthly cost of data plans on android is very alarming!. Recently, I conducted a survey on our Facebook page to find out how much android users spend on data plan every month. Unsuprisingly , the lowest amount spent by an android user was #2500 , the highest was #10,000 and the most frequent amount was #3,000 per month. Obviously this amount is unfair , considering the amount blackberry users spend on monthly BIS subscription. The number of android users is on the increase and we deem it important for Nigerian Communications Commission to hear the cry of android users by introducing a cheap data plan for android users.

For one: NCC was not behind the creating of the special BlackBerry tariffs. That was an arrangement between blackberry and network operators. Secondly: NCC does not dictate what network operators do with their bandwidth. Android users should be petitioning Google to do this, not the NCC. I doubt that this petition will achieve anything. The petition also includes the following:


Creating a special package will bring a level playing ground and help everyone enjoy and utilise their android device. If Blackberry users can have BIS and at a very cheap cost, nothing stops the telcos from offering android users same.

We Demand to be treated with fairness , just like the way blackberry users are been treated

A demand for fairness? Hilarious! The question of fairness will be valid when Google invests in the kind of infrastructure that BlackBerry invests in with network operators.


But what do I know? If you are interested in signing the petition, please click here.

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  2. Android users should be petitioning Google to do this, not the NCC.

    Opera is already up to the resQ..

    With the imminent Opera Max Service, I see data cost plummeting astronomically for Android Users.

    Not that I am complaining, as I routinely use less than 1 Gigabyte monthly for N1,200


  3. Hello Mr mobility.

    I dont agree with you… You cant compare blackberry and google(android). Android is an ”OPEN SOURCE” operating sstem created by google. On the other hand Blackberry is a ‘PHONE MANUFACTURING COMPANY’ , so u dont expect google to go to each country and strike a deal with network providers to slash the price of their data.


    then why are they there if they dont regulate what network providers do??? U dont expect network providers to feed fat on nigerians with their outrageous tarrifs and expect NCC to do nothing…

    I guess u dont use an android device coz if u do , u would have spilled out what you just said..

  4. They aint serious. I don’t see any comparison between the two platforms. If U can’t afford to be on the platform then get the hell outta there

  5. Android Nigeria,

    Of course, you don’t agree with me, seeing that I disagree with you. That is allowed. Wishing you the best with the campaign. Cheers.

  6. When I saw title of the article, I thought it was a joke.
    When I read the story, I still thought it was a joke.
    I read the petition page,….
    Someone please tell me its a joke.

  7. I think there’s need to agitate for better data packages for all smartphones but maybe comparing things with BlackBerry wouldn’t yield much because there will always be people telling you to switch over to BB like our politician telling the civilians to contest for election if they don’t like the mismanagement of national resources by politicians.

    In the Western World, the overrated BB data compression doesn’t count positively for either the manufacturer, BlackBerry or for the users in getting better data deals. It is always about a fixed data allowance for a specific subscription fee or unlimited data allowance again for a specific subscription fee but with fair usage clause attached. That’s what it ought to be for all and then if BlackBerry data compression is anything to really count for the users, then more users will go for it.

    It will soon get to that level here. Already on Airtel network, many users are enjoying that equity in data allowance even though unofficially and someday it won’t be a positive point for BB users or BlackBerry devices.

  8. Harry,

    Yes; it would have made sense if these guys were agitating for lower internet tariffs. But to be asking for a special tariff for Android users like BB users enjoy is to be joking.

    Like it or not, BlackBerry invested in infrastructure that its users enjoy, and so they were able to negotiate special tariffs with network operators. That had/has nothing to do with NCC. This petition is a joke.

  9. Its obvious that most of you guys here are negative minded. You’all here just sit down and criticise , let me ask you what have you ever fought for in your life?
    . Nothing.. Guess u’re part of those nigerians that are suffering and smiling..

    Anyways call us jokers or whatever u want , just knw that if this succedes , then shame unto u…

  10. Hello Android Nigeria. True, I have never fought for anything in my life. Still, if you would consider my counsel: reword your petition such that it demands for lower data tariffs in general, not special data plans for Android, and you stand a better chance of success.

    I wish you success.

  11. @Android Nigeria:
    You are clearly quite passionate about this. For you to go to all the trouble of setting up the petition page and following up by replying to posts on this blog. It shows you are dedicated and are a “fight to the finish” kinda person.

    However, I suggest that you try to absorb what people are really saying here and not be too defensive. You may not be aware of this but your petition, though laudable, is based on a false premise.

    To use a funny analogy, its like Obasanjo giving a news conference in Hollywood demanding that all women should henceforth find him as attractive as Denzel Washington because, after all, they’re both black men.

    You should first ask yourself WHY Blackberry has special plans for its users. What makes them different. Then ask yourself if the same conditions/situation applies to Android. Blackberry and Android are not the same, they are different and those differences are the koko of this matter.

    But who knows, in spite of everything, you may in fact succeed. This is Nigeria after all, stranger things have been known to happen.
    Good luck.

  12. My dear AndroidNigeria, as they say on the streets ‘Park Well Joor’. You don’t have a case.

  13. Mr. Mobility.
    I’d rather say you know nothing, bcos u dont use an android fonr doesn’t mean u have to criticize people using it. In most countries, there is nothing like special data for blackberry users bcos most make use of wifi and ur BES works on wifi. So the same data plans r used for other OS. Even in Egypt, a plan of almost 3gig goes btw 10-150usd cos I have an uncle there. Maybe its because of the corruption here in Nigeria and bcos bb company wants to have higher sales here that they negotiated with our telecommunication companies for special plans, who knows? In a nutshell, the fact is that our telecommunications companies are cheating us with our data plans.

  14. May I suggest that you try to listen. I am a mobile apps developer and a tech blogger and I can tell authoritatively tell you that BlackBerry invests heavily in their device ecosystem – from infrastructure to developer support and operator tariffs. Google on the other hand doesn’t care less as it believes the platform is open and anyone can do anything with it. Your petition will serve a better purpose directed to the operators.

    And seriously, you believe Mr Mobility has not/does not use an Android, that’s a joke right? Is it possible to use over 80 mobile phones and not have used SEVERAL Android phones?

  15. This legit cracked me up. All the best with your petition. Everyone (including BlackBerry users) would take cheaper plans if they could get them. It would help if the petitioners were a bit more informed, so here’s why BlackBerry plans are cheap and android plans aren’t.

  16. Very funny petition really. Taken, data is expensive in my opinion (moreso in Android’s case) but that’s not really NCC’S problem. And don’t tell me it’s because I don’t use an android device cause I’m typing this on one and I use between 2GB and 5GB monthly and not finding it funny.

    Mr. Mo doesn’t use an android device??? Yeah right! He uses a 3310. And must you use android? I didn’t know android usage is now a fundamental human right. But as the author of this post said, good luck with your petition… After all, if successful, we’ll all be beneficiaries! Fasting and praying for you…

  17. Android users deserve a cheap, dedicated plan for their phones but these so called network operator wouldn’t mind.
    Until one of them starts it then you’ll see each and every one of them jumping into the bandwagon.

  18. You’re hiding behind a faceless (unregistered?) organisation, and abusing people? You should log in as yourself and post your comments. Your petition lacks merit. Did you or whoever drew up the petition even consulted with a trade lawyer? As you’ve been advised, advocating for cheaper data plans will serve your purpose better than forming a parapo of a particular OS users…

  19. @Fadipe, hate to disappoint you but BlackBerry users (especially those on legacy devices) do indeed have a separate tariff – and often concessions – on other countries.

    @Android Nigeria, one of my favourite quotes I’ll share with you. There’s a saying that “if someone tells you you’re dead, you can ignore them, but if a hundred people tell you you’re dead you’d better lie down.”

    You stand a better chance of asking for better/fairer priced tariffs from networks than asking for a special dispensation for Android users.. Android is not BlackBerry, it ain’t going to happen. There isn’t a special tariff for Windows Phone users nor iSomething users. Are they complaining as loudly as Android users or is it that those devices (or users) are consuming data more effectively?

    You’re right though. Mister Mobility doesn’t use an Android device and can’t possibly share the pain of you and your Android brethren when it comes to data consumption.

    If you can’t take the heat – BlackBerry is still there 🙂

  20. // Are
    they complaining as loudly as Android users or is it that
    those devices (or users) are consuming data more

    They are a.minor minority. it would be a lone voice in a big wilderness. # iOS #WindowsPhone

    And no, Android doesnt consume data. Android users do, by their usage pattern.

  21. @EyeBeeKay minority or not, iOS and WP owners use their devices like everyone else and they’re still not complaining like Android users are.

    It is about the end user inasmuch as it is about the device itself. Fact is, like everywhere else, if you are a heavy data user, regardless of your OS, you should expect to pay for the data being used. Or modify your behaviour to suit your pocket. Or change OS and use something less challenging. It’s that simple.

    In a country where less than half the population connect to the internet, a special dispensation for Android users is laughable. If there are other countries in the world doing such a thing it would be interesting to know where, and what those concessions are.

  22. I initially did not want to comment but I have to chip in this. Data compression is very vital because it helps you consume less data, and that’s what the BlackBerry company has been able to achieve. Android, though owned by Google, is an open source. Most apps running on Android, gives you the feel of actually using the Computer system on the Internet, this makes the apps consume much data.

    It is advisable that if you use an Android phone, you should watch your data usage, some apps like Malware, Antivirus and some others, usually always demand for data even when you are not actively using these apps. Try and disable these apps and only use them when necessary. Same applies to iOS and WP users.

    That being said, generally Internet tariff plans in Nigeria is outrageous, in time I believe it will change. So as advised, you had better petition the NCC for lower tariff or package. NCC has no business with telling Google (Android) to give a special package.

    Good Luck!

  23. // @EyeBeeKay minority or not, iOS and WP owners use their devices like everyone else and they’re still not complaining like Android users are.//

    I cant quite internalize that sentence up there.

    We know there are more Android users than Windowsphone and iOS d and BlackBerry, combined..

    Therefore, it is logical that you would have MORE data_consumption_complaints from the Android end. There are simply more users of Android.

    And there is no empirical proof that Android consumes data more than Windowsphone or iOS..

  24. We know there are more Android users than Windowsphone and iOS and BlackBerry, combined.

    In what country? this same Nigeria we are talking about? Please park.

  25. @EyeBeeKay – so according to you, because Android users are the majority and all other OS’s combined are a minority, therefore Android users naturally consume more data?

    What’s the ratio in Nigeria, WP, iOS and BlackBerry users to Android users?

  26. // @EyeBeeKay – so according to you, because Android users are the majority and all other OS’s combined are a minority, therefore Android users naturally consume more data?//

    That’s you paraphrasing, wrongly.never said that.

    kindly re-read my comment.

    I said , because they are MORE, there will be MORE users (Android) complaining.

    // We know there are more Android users than
    Windowsphone and iOS and BlackBerry,

    In what country? this same Nigeria we are talking about? Please park.//

    Sorry Mr. Mo.

    My bad.

    I made the mistake of including the dead with the leaving in my summation there.

    You may delete BlackBerry from the list, and rephrase thus..

    We know there are more Android users than
    Windowsphone and iOS combined//

    And, no, I was speaking globally.Not just about Nigeria, although you could stay with just Nigeria if you wish..

  27. the article we are responding to is Nigeria-specific. You are mistaken if you think that Blackberry is dead in Nigeria. Android is just inching its way past BlackBerry now. I strongly doubt that in Nigeria, Android has more users than BlackBerry plus Windows Phone and iOS. Maybe soon.

  28. First of all ***go down low*** Sir, please let them know that BlackBerry is spelt with capital B..B and not Blackberry as done in many cases, BlackBerry is very particular about this.

    Truly I believe data charges are really expensive in Nigeria that is why I dont even bother creating apps that uses data for local contents as many people downloaded the apps but with low usage.

    I use over 1G on my Android devices monthly, if I am not on Wifi, but exceedingly less on my Z10.

    My point is, the MNOs in UK actually do have special packages for users on their networks either monthly or Pay-As-You-Go. So I believe it is right they ask for a review on data charges from the MNOs, but not from NCC.

    Just my take on this!!!

  29. I want to edit my BIG grammar oooh!!!! There is no edit button here…o/…

    “BlackBerry are very particular about this.”…..BlackBerry IS very particular about this…

  30. @Akinrelere Frederick:

    What device are you using that is consuming up to 2G – 5G monthly data on your mobile device? ***Scratching my head on this***

    And come to think of it…Oxfam actually protects users in UK in terms of their wants…I believe it will be right for NCC to do same…

  31. @Android Nigeria You dont need to be so offended by people’s remark here.

    All you need to do is how to motivate people in signing this petition.

    But truth be told…I doubt I will want to sign this after reading your remark nor share it.

  32. It’s my primary way of accessing the net (unlike you that have access to ‘free’ wifi!. I do too though but often too slow and frustrating for my bp). And I sometimes tether it for use on the laptop. And by the way I use a Note 8.0 and an Huawei phone.

  33. Its not by force to us an Android phone if the subscription is to expensive for the user then why not switch to other de vice with cheaper tariff plan

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