Nigeria getting Lumia Denim update now

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Denim 512MB

In addition to countries like Brazil, India and China that are already getting the Lumia Denim update, some users in Nigeria have reported having received the update on their smartphones as well. This is from responses to enquiries by members of our team. It looks like low memory devices are getting the update first, as only users of models like the 520, 630 and 720 have responded to say they have been updated.

Wherever you are in the world, have you gotten the Denim update on your Lumia smartphone? What phone and in which country? Do share.


  1. UPDATE: I’ve actually been using Lumia Denim because I’m part of Windows Developer Program. My OS version no is the same with the one released for Nigeria. I think so far the latest software release is a big improvement compared to Cyan. I particularly like the idea of creating a folder on the home screen for apps that you want to group together. In my own case I created a folder named social media for apps like facebook, skype; twitter etc.

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