No BB10 update coming; BlackBerry PlayBook is dead

I was tempted to keep my Blackberry Playbook and not sell it off months ago. Why? There was the hope that the tablet would be updated with BB10 OS once released. I really would have loved to experience BB10 on the PlayBook. The BlackBerry CEO did promise that a BB10 update would be available for the PlayBook. That promise has now been broken. News coming in is that BlackBerry 10 OS will not be released for the PlayBook. Why? BlackBerry CEO, Heins is reported to have “said during the call that his engineers were unable to get a satisfactory performance on the slate with the new OS.” Sad. But having sold mine off long ago, I am spared the heartbreak that hundreds of thousands of hopeful PlayBook owners are experiencing right now. The PlayBook is dead. It is history.

RIP PlayBook.


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