Revierwing the Nokia 3.1 Plus, I fell in love with the device, but our review unit was the 2GB/16GB variant. The higher Nokia 3.1 Plus 3GB RAM is the real deal, and now you can get one for just ₦38,000.

You can now pick up Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM for ₦38,000

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I finally found where to get the Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM variant from in Nigeria – and just for ₦38,000 only. Yes; you can join me in dancing Shaku-shaku now.

I have reviewed a handful of smarphones in 2019 already, and if there is one that got a hold of me in a special way, it is the Nokia 3.1 Plus. It has a lovely design and superb aluminium body that begged to be held in the hand everytime, great battery life, very good cameras front and back, and solid calls and network connectivity.

Here is an excerpt from my review [1]:

This is a very well-designed smartphone with a FullView display and solid build. Its machined aluminium body certainly feels more premium than the average smartphone with its specs. The fear of your phone dropping and shattering into a million pieces isn’t there. The Nokia 7 Plus is like that, and the Nokia 3.1 Plus is like that too.

In addition, it is so comfortable in my hand that I give it a 100/100 score for build, size, and weight. Put all the flagship and cutting edge features that I want into this very design, size and weight, and I am buying it without hesitation.

But the model I reviewed, as sent in by Nokia, was the 2 GB RAM version. I asked Nokia Nigeria’s representatives and I was told that the Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM version is not officially available in the market. That was such disappointing news.

Nokia 3.1 Plus specs
The Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM looks exactly the same as the 2 GB RAM version.

I do recommend to people that if you can afford it, go for at least 3 GB RAM on a smartphone. The reason is simple: you get a much better app switching experience with 3 GB RAM than with 2 GB. 3 GB is the least amount of RAM you need on a phone for really smooth multi-tasking.

Do not mind those who say otherwise. Chances are that they have never used a smartphone with more than 1 GB or 2 GB RAM. And I do not say that to disresepcet anyone. Anyone who has used a phone with 3 GB RAM and others with less will immediately agree with me.

Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM: The Details

Nokia 3.1 Plus colours

The good news is that you can get the 3 GB RAM variant of the 3.1 Plus. What is even better is that you can get it for roughly the same price as the 2 GB RAM version is being sold for. Yes; you can do a little Shaku-shaku and Shoki while I type out the next few lines.

I found the Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM on sale on Jumia for ₦38,000 only. You will find the 2 GB RAM version for sale around ₦53,000 elsewhere. Do not ask me. If you ask me, who will I ask in turn?

But the Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM model looks exactly the same as the 2 GB RAM version. The other difference is that it has 32 GB storage instead of 16 [2]. And is there anyone who thinks that 32 GB storage is not a good deal compared to 16? Anybody?

Lastly, Android 9 Pie has been released for the Nokia 3.1 Plus, so you can enjoy up-to-date software on it.

Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM: Where To Buy

You can buy the 3 GB RAM model of the 3.1 Plus from Jumia (see direct link below)]. The catch is that it is shipped from abroad and so will take 2 weeks to get to you. If you are up to it, you can go hunt for it on AliExpress, GearBest, Amazon, and the like and have it shipped directly to you.

There is a range of colours available – blue, white and gray, but it is that blue tone that calls to me. Whatever colour you choose is fine too.

Nokia 3.1 Plus specs

To check out the Jumia order page for the Nokia 3.1 Plus 3 GB RAM, click on the appropriate link in the references below. You are welcome. You know I always have your back.


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