You’all must know how much I am a fan of mid-range candybar QWERTY smartphones that pack a wallop. Remember, my smartphone of the year 2009,

Nokia E5 First Impressions

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You’all must know how much I am a fan of mid-range candybar QWERTY smartphones that pack a wallop. Remember, my smartphone of the year 2009, the efficient workhorse Samsung B7320?

Well, it looks like Nokia has done better with the Nokia E5. A unit of this got into our hands this morning, and we are just warming up to give it a go.

nokia e5The E5 in one sentence? Most of the capabilities of an E72 in a less expensive casing. If you think that’s not saying much, in reality that translates to:

  • Symbian OS v9.3, FP2
  • Weight: 126g
  • Size: 115 x 58.9 x 12.8 mm
  • a QWERTY keyboard
  • 5 megapixel fixedfocus camera with LED (the E72 has autofocus)
  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth v2.0, USB cable
  • ARM 11 600 MHz processor
  • Memory: 250mb + microSD slot (2GB card in retail box)
  • 256MB RAM with 170MB available after bootup (even I do not believe this! The E72 has only 128MB built-in)
  • GPS with A-GPS support and Ovi Maps
  • FM Stereo
  • Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF viewer

What’s missing? I’m still searching. The specs already beat the Samsung B7320. Why should I not fall in love with this guy?

First impressions
Well, its mostly plastic with touches of metal below the display. The back cover is metal too, so you still get the cool E-series feeling holding or looking at the E5. Our unit is black, though we hear there are Chalk White, Sky Blue, Copper Brown, and Silver Grey colours available as well.

I like the black. It will look cool with a business suit. By the way, the E5 looks better in real life than it looks in pictures.

The keys on the keyboard are plastic too, of course and are well raised. They look and feel pretty much like the excellent work that Nokia has done with its E-series keyboard in recent times.

The E5 desktop

The device itself is quite light and handy. One-handed use is a joy, coming from the more wieldy world of touchscreens. The new desktop utilised on the E5 is lovely and there are some nice transitions in there.

So far, the 600 MHz processor has ensured that I haven’t seen lags in the interface, but then only daily use over a period of time will tell.

The full review will be coming your way soon enough. If you have specific things you would love for me to cover, please post away in the comments section below.

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  1. Wow! I can only imagine how the experience would be. I have being using an E72 for around 24 hours,surely the E5 is one step further. Nokia all the way!

  2. Pls, Yomi, keep us posted on your experience of the handset, its web browsing capabilities, its signal reception quality and so on. The specs sounds impressive. This handset might likely rule the E-series. Nokia rules!

  3. Yomi, please tell me about Call quality/Speaker quality/Signal reception ?
    Waiting for you answer asap man !
    Thanks a lot !

  4. Talk bout battery life, the sound quality of the music player both on speaker and headset….but wait a minute..can we have a review of the cheapest nokia smartphone for now? The NOKIA C5!

  5. Is there still any future for symbian phones coz i want a new phone particularly a qwerty phone

  6. I am using nokia C5. It is awesome. Excellent battery life. The only problem is sunlight legibility

  7. i’m almost sold on this phone. Although i’m looking for a review of the screen, which i currently am sceptical about being an 18 bit and 256k colors instead of 16 mills. Can someone pls post screenshots of the phone icons etc in action to see the phone screen’s quality. Thanks!

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