Nokia to Make a Comeback with an Android Device

Everyone knows of the famous Microsoft purchase of Nokia’s devices and services division. Some terms of the deal includes a ban on the “leftover” from making any new phone, under its own brand for a couple of years.

By 2016 Nokia will be free from this obligation and can then make their own phones. The question now is, will they make use of this freedom and make new phones?

Some are of the firm belief that Nokia should have gone with Android instead of Windows Phone, and their financial troubles would have been long over that they would not need to be sold. Their hardware prowess combined with the power of Android could have been impossible to resist, but this is all moot.

They made another choice and the fallout is there for all to see. Rumour now is that the team that made the Nokia N9 (which was a fantastic device) is set to release a top-speced Android device. In my own view I think this is a nice venture, though I don’t see it becoming blockbuster but it will be good to see whether a new Nokia Android phone (that runs proper Android) will be a gamechanger as some as opined.

If the N9 team have not really been assimilated into Microsoft and they weren’t the ones that departed to form Jolla, perhaps they will make something compelling. Perhaps not.

Do you think this potential new phone has a chance against the established OEMs out there? Would you bet on them?



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