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I know my friend, Gbenro, well enough to believe that he was only wondering out loud yesterday when he tweeted the following:

A very valid question. If everyone now has a blog, who will read them all? As someone who ran one of Nigeria’s most successful web hosts for several years, I observed a pattern year after year – hundreds of people set up websites each year. Over 90% of them ever had more than 50MB bandwidth usage yearly. If you don’t understand the figure, that means almost no-one ever visited such sites. Then, also, over 95% of them were dead within two years and replaced by another new set trying to find a place in the internet jungle. Survival of the fittest.

Natural Selection

I am sure that the average blog will do better than the figures that I have from years back when internet usage in Nigeria was just catching on. Still, in everything, the top of the pyramid is always where the jewels are – and where the concentration is strongest. Cranking out one article per day is hard work. Three to five per day is arduous and tasking for many. I have seen lots of people attempt to keep it up – and fall by the way side. Just like those websites of old.

Natural selection will take care of the blog thing from the bottom up. Many blogs will come and go – flashes in the pan. Some others will stay and witness very little readership. Then at the very top will be those blogs that stand out sharply above the rest. These jewels are the ones that will have the huge traffic and followings. These will be the household names.

Nothing else will matter much. The strongest will win. History always repeats itself.

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