Lovers of OnePlus phones have a cult-like devotion to their devices. It is a level of loyalty that is rare to find outside of Apple’s domain. What is it that drives this following?

Users of OnePlus phones swear by them: What is the big deal?

OnePlus phones are not the most popular in the world. As a matter of fact, average phone users are blissfully unaware of the existence of the brand. However, a core set of phone enthusiasts swear that they live and die by OnePlus. They ride on the tag line of the brand: Never Settle.


I find it intriguing, especially because I have never used a OnePlus phone, so I can’t place a finger on what the hype is about. MobilityArena did get to review the OnePlus One, but I never got to use it. Elroy handled that review.

One Plus One review
Throwback: The OnePlus One review from 2015

I have used Apple iPhones and can tell about them. I have used Xiaomi devices and can relate with the hype. As a matter of fact, in my life as a mobile connoisseur, I have used between 200 and 300 mobile phones by all of the following brands:


  1. Nokia.
  2. Xiaomi.
  3. Redmi.
  4. OPPO.
  5. Samsung.
  6. LG.
  7. BlackBerry.
  8. Apple.
  9. Alcatel.
  10. Siemens.
  11. Ericsson.
  12. Sony.
  13. Sony Ericsson.
  14. Sony Xperia
  15. Motorola.
  16. Lenovo.
  17. Panasonic.
  18. Sendo.
  19. Sagem.
  20. NEC.
  21. Lumia.
  22. Palm,
  23. itel,
  24. TECNO,
  25. Infinix,
  26. Huawei,
  27. UMIDIGI,
  28. HTC,
  29. ZTE,
  30. Google Pixel,
  31. Gionee,
  32. Afrione,
  33. Soda,
  34. Aquaris,
  35. Essential,
  36. Fero,
  37. Freetel,
  38. Ntel,
  39. Vernee,
  40. OUKITEL,
  41. Innjoo,
  42. Bluboo,
  43. Konka,
  44. Yezz,
  45. AG,
  46. mi-Fone,
  47. Wiko.
  48. Encipher,
  49. Pliris Mobile, and
  50. Orbra.

Yes; that is quite a list, but when you have been a mobile phone collector and reviewer for over 15 years, it adds up. There are a few mobile brands that I am yet to use though, so I am not in the clear yet. Here they are:

  1. Pocophone,
  2. Tambo,
  3. Lava
  4. Realme.
  5. Vivo.
  6. Wiley Fox.
  7. LeEco,
  8. Cubot
  9. ASUS, and 
  10. OnePlus.

The passion for OnePlus phones

Most phone brands do not have the kind of passionate followership that OnePlus has. Apple does. BlackBerry used to have that kind of cult following once upon a time. Xiaomi has a bit of it.


Fans of OnePlus phones tend to not make a lot of noise but are as devoted to their favourite brand as a bulldog is devoted to a fat bone. They just won’t let go.

The OnePlus brand started by offering flagship-grade phones at lower prices than the competition, a move that quickly endeared them to many around the world. However, the brand has quietly moved up the ladder and now offers full scale flagship phones too.

The 6.67 inches display of the OnePlus 7 Pro is a bit too much.
The 6.67 inches display of the OnePlus 7 Pro is a bit too much.

This year, for example, the OnePlus 7 Pro, is not a flagship killer as OnePlus phones used to be. It is a proper flagship bearing a flagship price tag. The highest variant can be purchased for over $1,000. The brand has wisely released a more affordable version in the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro for those who want a flagship at a lower cost. Fair enough.

The 7 Pro is a huge device, and months ago, I wrote about it being a bit too much to handle. But that was just me, a lover of compact smartphones, talking. OnePlus lovers around the world are buying it and loving it.

What is it about OnePlus phones?

OnePlus is a member of the same family that OPPO and Vivo belong to. The 3 are sister companies under the umbrella of BBK Electronics, a Chinese technology giant.

Fans of the brand swear that OnePlus phones have the best custom user interface available on Android. They say that oxygenOS is as close to stock Android in terms of appearance and fluidity, yet far more customisable than any other. I hear them.

And in terms of software updates, the brand has done a good job of keeping its customers satisfied. For example, One Plus 7 Pro is one of the first phones to get updated to Android 10 this year, with stable OxygenOS 10/Android 10 update rolling out to OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro as early as September 2019. Not bad at all.

They also swear that the hardware is second to none, not even that of Apple iPhone. I hear them.

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T: Never Settle

My friend, Habeeb, is a OnePlus lover, and he has been codedly harassing me over the last few months to try out the brand. Yesterday, he came out of the closet and harassed me directly to get me to have a taste of OnePlus. I am not quite ready yet, and I told him he would have to sell me right now. I have a recovering jaw to nurse and bills to pay. But I am intrigued. I am now sure that I will fall for the temptation and get my hands on a OnePlus smartphone sometime in 2020.

Which of the current 2019 models I will jump at is not certain yet, but there is no lack of options. The list includes: OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro. 4 options. All of them monster-sized, though the Pros are still bigger than the non-Pros. Maybe I can get myself the OnePlus 7T Pro as a birthday gift.

Thinking of it, this might be a good time to try some manipulation. Hey, Habeeb! How about you send me one as a birthday gift next year? I will let you all know what his reply is. LOL.

Does OnePlus steal data?

There have been reports of OnePlus smartphones siphoning off user data (see this article: Yet another OnePlus scandal over user data privacy over the years. This is a privacy concern that some smartphone users have with the brand. Enthusiasts do not appear to be bothered by this though.

Where To Buy OnePlus Phones

As you already know, OnePlus phones are not officially available in the country, so you have to ship one in if you really want it. If that is what you want, contact Habeeb, and he will move heaven and earth to get it and deliver to you. He is one of the most dependable people that I know.


Is OnePlus banned in US? Are OnePlus phones available in the USA?

While OnePlus is a Chinese brand, it has not been banned in the US government. The company has a US website and a distribution deal with T-Mobile in the country, so you can purchase your OnePlus smartphones through T-Mobile USA or directly from the OnePlus US website.

Can you buy OnePlus phones in Australia?

OnePlus phones are not officially available in Australia, so you will have to hunt for local retailers who import them of their own intiatives. You can also order directly from international e-commerce sites like Amazon, GearBest, AliExpress, and others.
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  1. Been eyeing me a OnePlus for a while, even if it’s their older model, Cos spec wise their antutu scores are ahead of the pack.. and a friend who used OnePlus 4 or so back then, day dreamed of the speed, comparing it to a McLaren.

  2. A friend bought the first OnePlus when it came out, and every phone he’s had since then has been OnePlus. From my understanding it was simply better value for money compared to other flagships (are other flagships better value for money to date by comparison?)

    OnePlus basically broke the mould when companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony dominated and Xiaomi had barely reached beyond China. The market is more competitive now but those early adopters are sticking to their OnePlus.

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