If you have reason to use Opera Mini regularly, one of the limitations you may have run into is that of not being able to

Opera Mini with Multiple Tab Browsing

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If you have reason to use Opera Mini regularly, one of the limitations you may have run into is that of not being able to open multiple windows. Well, here’s a blast from the past that from the days of the good old Russian hacks of this mobile browser: Opera Mini 3.10!

This version of Opera Mini lets you open multiple windows while browsing. It is also highly customisable: modify the colour of tabs, menus, links – everything!

Download: Opera Mini v3.10. Important! It is recommended that you download to your PC and then install to your phone via PC.

No; this is not an April Fool’s gimmick 😉 Here’s a screenshot of the app running on the Nokia E90:


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  1. I am finding it difficult to download it straight from my fone. Do I need to get on a PC before I can download it?

    If so, could you please send the downloaded version to my mail? Thanx

  2. At least one other person has complained about a problem with downloading directly to phone (s60 3rd Edition). It is recommended that the download be done to PC and then installed via data cable to your phone.

  3. Hi,

    Please I was wondering if you knew how to browse with Opera Mini or Flurry Mail using GLO’s Gprs.

    It so happens that the GPRS connection works fine using the phone’s wap browser but whenever I try to browse using the above java applications, I get “SUBSCRIBE TO PACKET DATA”.

    Do you know what’s wrong?


    Last, I thought the latest version of Opera mini is 4.2. Why are you promoting 3.10? Desn’t 4.2 come with the features listed above?

    Have a wonderful easter.

  4. Chukwudi, you must have configured your phone to select a wrong connection for java applications. Check the connectivity settings for java and use the same as you are using for your WAP browser.

    Opera 4.2 does not have the multiple tabs feature.

  5. Hi.am having problem downloadin wit opera mini.i ave the 2.0,4.2 and 3 but wen ever i try to download to my fone.am directed to wap browser wen usin 4.2 and 3.also the 2.0 doesnt connet am asked to check gprs setting.i use a nokiae65 and mtn line.Thank you

  6. Kaffo,

    If I may ask, what are you doing with all those different versions of Opera Mini on your phone at the same time?

    Quick troubleshooting: If you are having problem using opera Mini, its either you do not have a working internet connection or you need to make a small modification in the application’s settings.

    Launch Opera Mini. Open “Menu” -> Tools -> Settings ->Scroll down to “Network”

    Under “Protocol”, if what you have selected is HTTP, select “Socket” instead. Then save and try browsing again.

  7. May God Almighty bless u 4 de good work u are doing 2 us de youth.Pls kindly send 2 my e-mail box operamini 3.10 version.Thank u very much.I’m using nokia 6600

  8. Peter, the download link is provided in the article above. Download to your PC and then install to your phone.

  9. Can I get the settings which would enable me to browse using Opera Mini on my etisalat line? Thanks

  10. Dare,

    Are you already able to browse on the built-in browser of the phone you use? If yes, then you don’t need any other settings. Simply launch Opera Mini and it should browse.

  11. I know why my comment wasnt posted…..

    😉 Yup; it had a link to a site with certain inappropriate content… – Editor

  12. Opera mini, Menu -> Tools -> Settings. Look at the network field ,in the list, to change. Opera mini doesn’t really have an elaborate network setting’s menu since most of the heavy (network) lifting is done server-side.

  13. The last time I checked on my Nokia 6080, Opera Mini 4.2 uses the GPRS/Internet settings of your handset. Maybe for sophisticated phones it’s a different scenario. If you use Nokia, try my tutorial above. I worked for me and others who have used it.

  14. i download operamini 4.2 and to install it is the problem, pls after download if i want to install it, an error massage will appear: failed to connect to the internet, and am already browsing with zain 30 days plan which is 100 mb which i dont even have any problem with. pls how do i install operamini without this error.

  15. I have nokia 2630,i download operamini, but if i want to browse, error appear on d screen; FAILED TO CONNET TO THE INTERNET.what will i do ? Pls. Assist.

  16. Hello guys,
    please i use Nokia 6230i and i have opera mini 4.2 installed on it. Before now, i can browse with my opera and my normal phone browser without any hitch using MTN, but all of a sudden opera stopped working with message ‘Failed to connect to the internet’ but my phone browser is still working and i didnt change any settings on my phone.

    This same issue happens to my other two friends at the same time with the same message. Plz help me to solve this issue, i will be very grateful.

  17. This is for all those having problems browsing on Opera Mini. You may need to contact your network operator for help.

    I am aware that some networks do block access to Opera Mini servers, thanks to the deluge of those using illegal free browsing hacks.

  18. plz i dont understand the opera 3.10 on the posted link. its not a nokia application file but a rar file which after unrar have lots of files in it but no jar or jad file to instal on my phone. Plz help.

  19. Chukwudi,

    Let legitimate subscribers use the built-in browsers on their phones – and bear the brunt of the extra costs.

    Do we ever wonder how much damage is done to these networks being exploited by greedy, hypocritical Nigerians who work out, promote and encourage these illegal hacks?

    If I found out that people were exploiting a commercial service provided by my business, I would plug it too. This is the same thing Western service providers like PayPal do. They plug a hole and shut everybody else out – and I do not blame them.

    We must learn responsibility and integrity. When the generality of Nigerians stop being corrupt – exploiting everything possible to the detriment of others – we can begin to take service providers to task about their actions.

    For now, all those claiming that the network operators are ripping Nigerians off and using that as an excuse to carry out illegalities against them are crooks themselves – and certainly hypocrites. It is the same excuse 419 practitioners – and indeed all crooks – use.

    When the majority shun illegality and all forms of corruption, things will get better for legitimate users.

    I know from experience that my position on this subject is not popular, but it is a position I will continue to stand for.


  20. Tumininu,

    I have just re-downloaded the Opera Mini file from the link above, and it is indeed a JAR file that shows up on my PC as a Nokia Application Installer file.

  21. for those saying that mtn is virtous and blameless, i want to challenge them to go and compare the tariff 4 packet data in other countries like south africa where mtn operates with what is obtained in nigeria and you’ll can conveniently answer the question of who is exploited and who is not.

    mtn uses the excuse of instability in power supply to exploit nigerians so if nigerians use the excuse of almost unaffordable tariff rate to exploit them, it evens them out, so for all those calling nigerians corrupt, i suggest they think twice, let them be rational and dont be brain washed.

    nigerians know when things are corrupt, if mtn will begin selling of affordable packet data without any time limit unlike what they are doing in their gprs data bundles and also provide some free hours of browsing like what they did in free night calls, i tell you that a greater percentage of nigerians me included will have nothing to do with illegal browsing.

    let them be innovative and the loyalty, trust and patronage from their subscribers will follow.

  22. Gabriel,

    Your argument is baseless on all fronts.

    One, no-one here has said that MTN is virtous and blameless (or otherwise).

    Two, I am well aware of tariffs across different countries, and I can assure you that in some of those countries, the tariffs are actually higher.

    Three, while you and I may disagree with what a network charges for its services, every business is free to set its tariffs. MTN’s tariffs are legal. Free network hacks are illegal.

    Four, even if people feel that certain tariffs are exploitative (while not illegal), perpetuating an illegality against service providers is not only wrong but illegal.

    Five, the mass adoption of commercial services that should drive lower prices does not exist here, because the people who should drive lower tariffs are too busy exploiting the networks. It is a case of shooting oneself in the foot.

    Six, those foreign networks that you so love generally have the same time-limited bundles that you are complaining about here. You obviously know little or nothing about what you are so vehement about.

    You claim that these networks are not innovative. That is untrue, but for the purposes of this discussion, I shall agree with you. Can I ask how many innovative things you have put up in providing any needed services to people? Can I also ask that you state one mobile network in any other country whose mobile internet service you consider innovative – and state what this wonderful innovation is so we may draw a critical comparison with what obtains here?

    **If you are going to respond to this comment of mine, be sure to provide concrete answers to the above questions.

    Lastly, while you may not use illegal free hacks, by arguing in its favour, you make yourself an accomplice and just as guilty as the actual users.
    It is odd that you claim that Nigerians know when things are corrupt, yet the majority are corrupt. The truth is that you and the numerous others who use these silly excuses as submitted above to perpetuate illegal acts are corrupt and do not know it. Or perhaps you all do know that what you are doing is wrong and are just being bare-faced hypocrites?

    You are as corrupt as the advanced fee fraudsters, for your actions are based on the same principle.

    Thanks for posting.

  23. Tsk,tsk.The irony of it all Yomi,you once posted that operamini users in Nigeria displaced Germany in operamini usage!Now thats going to change.On the opera blog,several Nigerians sent posts alerted opera on this situation but the administrator said there was little they could do about the block.He also stated the traffic from Nigeria had significantly gone down.Here we are Nigeria, again we’ve lost out on the simplest things in life!*sigh*

  24. David Ella,

    Yes; I did. You are correct. I reported Nigeria’s mobile internet statistics growth as a fact based on Opera’s State of the Mobile Web reports. Here are the links to the various news reports about Nigeria’s mobile internet usage via Opera Mini:

    May 28th, 2009: Nigeria now Number 9 on Opera Mini Global Chart
    April 27th, 2009: Nigeria Displaces Germany on Opera Mini Top 10 Chart
    February 25th, 2009: Armenia, Nigeria led Mobile Web Growth in 2008

    Now, it is just sad that this huge growth in mobile internet usage has translated into very little increase in income for the mobile networks who provide that service. It is sad. It is wrong. Right now, it is largely a parasitic relationship, instead of a mutually beneficial one.

    Now, here are also some of my feature articles on the subject of illegal free browsing hacks:
    March 17th, 2009: This Free Browsing Thing
    November 4th, 2008: The Free Browsing Tricks on Mobile Networks

    My position has been clear all along. I simply refused to mix up official news reports and statistics with my personal convictions on how those statistics came to be. But my position has been clearly stated publicly and privately.

    Yes; indeed, once again Nigeria is losing out on this front, as we are on many others. And it is not because of MTN, Zain, Etisalat or Glo. It is because of us. We are simply generally corrupt. This is why we must change. So far, we have proven that we do not need any enemies; for sadly, we are more than able to keep ourselves from progressing forever.

  25. With the availability of an official Opera Mini version with multiple tabs, I am having further comments disabled for this topic.

    Thanks all for the discussions.

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