Opera Mobile 8.65 for S60 Fails to Impress

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It really has been a long time since I used Opera Mobile for anything, but I do remember that the browsing experience with version 9.5 on the Samsungs i780 and i900 was beautiful.

Perhaps that is why I am so unimpressed with what I saw of version 8.65 for Symbian when I tried it out yesterday. For the purpose of information, Opera Mobile 8.65 is the stable version available for most devices. The newer version on steroids, version 9.5, is presently available for only a small range of devices, specifically on the Windows Mobile platform (small wonder too, Pocket Explorer sucks big time!!).

Anyway, Opera Mobile 8.65 simply reminds me of the teething days of the mobile web. Virtually ALL formatting is lost when browsing websites on this browser – font and layout inclusive.

Here are a few screenshots:

Comparison [L-R]: MobiNaija home on S60 Web; Same page on Opera Mobile 8.65
Comparison: On left, MobiNaija home on S60 Web; On right, same page on Opera Mobile 8.65



After the first browsing session, I shut down the application. On returning to play with it some more, it simply refused to launch. A re-installation did not help either. I remember this same thing happening when I tried out Opera Mobile 8.65 on another S60 device some time back. I am not sure what is behind this phenomenom. Anyone?

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