This plague of the night has been growing and spreading for a few years now, but 2019 is the year that it will eclipse the light of day and turn us all into creatures of the night, as we cry out, “Yes; paint it black!”

Paint It Black: 2019 is the year the smartphone world went dark

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A revolution is sweeping across the smartphone world – from droids to iDevices, from North America to far-flung Asia. A dark plague spreads like a virus, afflicting everything in its path. Its rallying cry is, “Paint it black!”

And when I say a dark plague, I do not mean it in a figurative way. This mobile phone plague is dark – or black, depending on which you prefer. Or night; for some refer to it that way too.

It started with a few apps years ago. Someone thought it was a good idea to introduce a dark version of their app, as an alternative to the traditional white background colour that we were all used to. It turns out it wasn’t a good idea; it was a darned fantastic idea. And so Night Mode was born.

BB10 with system-wide dark theme
The first platforms that adopted black were Windows Phone and BB10 OS.

Actually, it started before then with relatively unknown mobile OS, Windows Phone, offering a system-wide dark theme. BlackBerry 10 OS too had something similar. But not a lot of people would know or remember because those platforms didn’t do well in the market. So, we must turn again to the apps that introduced us to dark mode.

Twitter was probably the first mainstream app to get a night mode and it triggered the revolution. Soon, everyone was clamouring for a dark version of every app under the sun. This eclipse needed to spread. Twitter was probably the first mainstream app to get a dark mode and it triggered the revolution.

Twitter for Android Night Mode or Dark Mode
Twitter app was one of the early adopers of Night Mode or Dark Mode.

Black was beautiful – even on mobile. Soon, smartphone manufacturers figured it out too. Everyone wanted black and so supply had to rise up to meet the demand. “paint it black!”, users yelled and screamed. “Paint it black!”

Samsung is the world’s largest maker of droids. That is a powerful position to be in. So, when Samsung introduced a dark mode on its smartphones and people got a taste of it, the Apocalypse was truly well on the way.

Google has been playing catch-up with features for a few years now, and they soon introduced a native dark mode for Android OS. Google Pixel owners could now enjoy system-wide blackness on their devices.

The world’s next largest droid manufacturer, Huawei, has introduced dark mode too. Apple has implemented a system-wide night mode too in its own mobile operating system. Everybody is going black and dark. But this is not a darkness of gloom. There is excitement and euphoria in the land.

paint it black with dark mode

Never before in the history of man has there ever been so much excitement about the colour black or the idea of darkness. All of the vampire novels and movies of centuries failed to make the night this attractive. Not even the buzz of the Black Panther movie came close to delivering the same level of euphoria about blackness as Night Mode on smartphones have.

White people, pink people, red people, brown people, all rooting for blackness. Old and time opponents like droid and Apple fanboys and girls all sheath their swords and embrace the darkness together. Young and old, rich and poor, all find a common ground in the darkness that is sweeping across the world of mobile phones. All become creatures of the night.

By the time 2019 gives way to 2020, the latest phones from all the major brands will offer you a Night Mode. Some of them will have it turned on by default.

Paint It Black

Black is the new cool. Darkness is hip. The blackness of the night continues its sweeping advance. The eclipse is near complete now and soon the entire world will be covered in black. Yes; paint it black.

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