Pakistani government shuts down Blackberry Enterprise services over security concerns

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BlackBerry Classic - front and back

In a directive issued to local mobile network operators on Friday, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has ordered the shutting down of BlackBerry Enterprises Services (BES) in the country. This includes emails data, Internet and messaging services. Meanwhile the standard BIS will be left to run.


These where the exact words of a PTA spokesperson:

β€œPTA has issued directions to local mobile phone operators to close BlackBerry Enterprise Services from Nov. 30 on security reasons,”

We all know BlackBerry offers highly secure communications which cannot be spoofed or spied on. With encrypted messaging in form of emails and its BlackBerry Messenger user privacy is ensured. Police and intelligence agencies in the country are concerned gangs and terrorists will use this as means of communication.




  1. Aww, Hacking Team having a problem accessing data and information for their boss(es)? I see where the Pakistani government are going with this πŸ˜€

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