Panda King Glass (Panda Glass for mobile)

You have heard of Gorilla Glass protection for smartphones. Like Gorilla Glass, Panda King Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass used primarily as cover glass for portable electronic devices, including smartphones. used on phones, it is also called Panda Glass for mobile.

How Tough Is Panda King Glass?

Features of Panda King Glass include:

  • High impact resistance and strength
  • Improved resistance to scratches and toughness
  • High transparency for better quality image of LCDs
  • Excellent durability and stability

Panda King Glass aka Panda Glass for mobile

The manufacturer claims that Panda Glass for mobile is of internationally accepted advanced level for alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass. Panda is manufactured by Tunghsu Group, a company with headquarters in Beijing.

Gorilla Glass Has Many Alternatives

Do not forget that there are many brands of protective glass in the market now. A smartphone may not have Gorilla Glass, but if it has any of the others, including Panda Glass, Dinorex Glass, Concore Glass, Dragontrail, Xensation or other, the display is protected. You can read up on some of the available Gorilla Glass competition HERE.

Panda Glass for mobile is in use by Fero on the Fero Royale X1 and other devices.

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  1. Apart from scratch resistance, does ANY of these glasses have the ability to withstand a drop onto a macadamized road from say 5ft 10 inches (average height) without cracking – irrespective of the landing pattern?

    The answer is probably, NO

    I want to think this is what the average user wants in all these protective glasses, and the manufacturers should ultimately focus on achieving.

  2. You’re absolutely right @ eye bee…things like that is probably impossible but it can be able to survive a minor scratch.
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