Like Gorilla Glass, Tunghsu Panda King Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass used as cover glass for portable electronic devices, including smartphones.

Panda King Glass (Panda Glass for mobile): A Gorilla Glass alternative to protect your phone screen

You have heard of Gorilla Glass protection for smartphones. Like Gorilla Glass, Panda King Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass used primarily as cover glass for portable electronic devices, including smartphones. used on phones, it is also called Panda Glass for mobile.

It is designed for use with mobile phones, portable media players, and portable computer displays.

How Tough Is Panda King Glass?

Features of Panda King Glass include:

  • High impact resistance and strength
  • Improved resistance to scratches
  • High transparency for better quality image of LCDs
  • Excellent durability and stability
Panda King Glass aka Panda Glass for mobile

The manufacturer claims that Panda Glass for mobile is of internationally accepted advanced level for alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass. Panda is manufactured by Tunghsu Group, a conglomerate with headquarters in Beijing, China.


Note that like Gorilla Glass, Panda Glass is specifically engineered to protect your phone’s display against shattering from drops and other impact. However, it does not offer the same level of proctection from scratches. Whether with Gorilla Glass or Panda Glass, your smartpone’s display has a greater chance of scratching.


Phone Brands That Use Panda King Glass

Here are some of the smartphone manufacturers that use Panda Glass for their phones.

  1. Fero Mobile
  2. Motorola

It is also used in the manufacture of scren protectors for different brands of smartphones. Panda Glass screen protectors are available for many different smartphones, including Apple iPhones. As a matter of fact, screen protectors are one of the main products of the company behind Panda Glass.

Gorilla Glass Has Many Alternatives

Do not forget that there are many brands of protective glass in the market now. A smartphone may not have Gorilla Glass, but if it has any of the others, including Panda Glass, Dinorex GlassConcore Glass, Dragontrail, Xensation or other, the display is protected. You can read up on some of the available Gorilla Glass competitors.

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Dragontrail glass phones are more common alternatives to Gorilla Glass phones, but Panda Glass for mobile is in use in a few phones, including in the Motorola One Zoom, as well as by Fero on the Fero Royale X1 and other devices.

Of course, people will ask the question: Panda King Glass vs Gorilla Glass; which is better? That is a tough glass to crack, as only actual scientific tests can provide us with a firm answer. The important thing to note is that they use the same underlying technology and provide drop protection for smartphone screens.

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