Two years ago, I wrote about PayLater as one of two innovative Nigerian financial apps that everyone should be using. PayLater’s value proposition is so simple and…

PayLater Android mobile app hits 500,000 downloads

Two years ago, I wrote about PayLater as one of two innovative Nigerian financial apps that everyone should be using. PayLater’s value proposition is so simple and addresses such a huge need that it was difficult not to be excited about the service. Fast forward to 2017, and the PayLater Android mobile app has hit 500,000 downloads from Google Play.


PayLater Android mobile app 500000 downloads

PayLater Android mobile app: 5000,000 downloads

Five hundred freaking thousand downloads. You may not understand how huge that is for a local Nigerian app. Uptake of Nigerian mobile apps has been generally abysmal. Many Nigerian mobile apps have not made 5,000 downloads, and here we are with one clocking half a million. PayLater’s milestone is cause to roll out the drums and celebrate.


In January of this year, I wrote an article about how PayLater is making waves without any of the usual media hype. Someone responded that my article was definitely a sponsored post. LOOL. This one must be sponsored too. It is okay; we get all sorts of comments.

As someone who has followed mobile app statistics in Nigeria for years and who has talked about how poor most have been, seeing an app buck the trend is exciting. Good news is great cause to celebrate.


Congrats To The Pioneers

Because of PayLater, there is now a plethora of Nigerian mobile apps offering similar services – QuickCheck, Branch, Kudi, to mention a few. PayLater opened up this terrain. So, we are not just celebrating the milestone; we are celebrating industry leadership.

Here is a big Congratulations to the PayLater team. You guys do good work and have become a shining beacon of hope. Please sustain it. Don’t mess it up now. I look forward to celebrating a million downloads of the PayLater Android mobile app. And 10 million. And 50.

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  1. Interesting.

    But then, the explosion in adoption could be a reflection of the dire economic times in Nigeria, not necessarily about the PayLater business model itself.

    Many Nigerians are just struggling to keep their financial heads above water.

    It would be great to know what portion of those loans are for business purposes, rather than for wriggling out of personal tight financial situations.

    All the same, it would be a lifesaver for many, but getting trapped into a cycle of unending debt is too easy when the loan is too easy to get!

    Let us compare this download figures with a service like Cowie wise which is about Savings) , and this should be an eye opener…

  2. CowryWise is new on the scene and does not have an app.

    PiggyBank, which is about a year old, I believe, has less than 10,000 downloads in Google Play.

    The value propositions are different from PayLater’s though. There is no shortage of savings products in Nigeria. Credit facilities, on the other hand, is something Nigerians have been starved off for years. As I like to say, shame on the banks. They made PayLater’s work easier.

  3. I like to say that I quite agree with both submissions of Eye _bee_kay and Mr Mo. However as an ex-banker I know that getting such loans being offered by Paylater at Banks are not so common. Not just their priority .Paylater is here to fill the gap.
    Paylater surely did their homework well before starting this project. Little wonder they made it.
    Mr Mo rightly summed it up with the words ‘They made Paylater’s work easier’

  4. In other words, Paylater deserve some commendations for this brave step to alleviate by way of quick loans the suffering of most Nigerians who are not opportuned to succeed in getting much needed loans from Banks especially in times like this in the country.

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