People who put video ads on webpages will not make heaven

Have you ever seen a topic that interested you and you clicked on the link to go read it, but as soon as the page loads, a video ad began to play automatically? Have you ever looked for where to turn video ads off or shut them off without success? I have good news for you: the people behind that kind of thing may get away with it in this lifetime, but they cannot make heaven.

Video ads on webpages

Hell was specifically designed for people who violate others like that. And the person who first came up with it will have a special place in hell.

Sometimes, text and image ads are annoying enough. But what do we do? We all voted for free content, apps and services a long time ago, yet those have to be paid for. Ads help pay the publisher’s and developer’s bills, so we are stuck with those ads.

But video ads take things to a whole different level. For one, they are intrusive. You are beginning to enjoy the article you have clicked through to read and suddenly you hear someone talking. What’s that? After scrolling about a bit, you find out that the culprit is a video ad that has loaded and is now playing without your permission or even a prompt.

Video ads also burn your money. Text and banner ads use up a little bit of your data to load. Video ads guzzle your data.

Because video is also heavier, its impact on webpage loading speed is much bigger. So, a webpage with video ads load significantly slower than that with text/banner ads does, all other things being equal.

Something has to be done about video ads. Either restrict them to displaying in video content or give users control over when a video ad plays.

As Google rolls out updates to its popular Chrome browser to give users more control over what kind of ads they see when browsing the Web, the company has ignored perhaps the most intrusive form of online advertising, video ads. How did that happen?

But I promise you, people who impose video ads in webpages will surely not enter into the kingdom of heaven. That is our consolation. For now.

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