I love the convenience if carrying only one device around. Personally, I would rather carry around one smartphone with a large display and very good

Why a phone and tablet combination may work better than a single device

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I love the convenience if carrying only one device around. Personally, I would rather carry around one smartphone with a large display and very good battery life. That works for me. However, it does not mean that there are no merits to the idea of carrying two devices – a smartphone and a tablet.

You see, if you have a very long day out – and especially if the day is hectic – a dual device strategy means that your smartphone battery will last longer, all things being equal. While you are working (or playing) on the tablet, your smartphone gets to rest from your constant typing and swiping. Because an active screen is one of the biggest consumers of battery on a smartphone, this means that your phone battery gets to last longer.

The truth is that even the phones with really good battery lives tend to get stretched and need a topping up on a very hectic day at work. And if you are away from a charging point or do not have a power bank handy, you might still end up with a dead phone. So, there it is. What is your preference: carrying only a phablet, or carrying a smartphone and tablet combo on an intense day away from a power source?


  1. I started out with a Lumia and a tablet… However, the tablet is getting heavy and I’m becoming more inclined to going out without it, except for business/work things.
    The combo was good tho as I did more work with the tab than with my phone and the tab’s got more juice.

  2. Doing so for the past 8 months;
    A Samsung galaxy note 10.1 (2014) & a HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim.

    Works very well for me.

  3. Please what’s your experience with the Desire 816 like? I’ve read reviews online but i want a Nigerian user’s opinion. Thank you.

  4. Right. I’m going to craft my response assuming you’ve done some through research online.

    Ok. The Desire816. So far so good. Works well. No hanging. No slowdown. No yet anyway (knowing Android). Dual SIM works well & very useful. Good call quality.

    Got issues with the memory; 8gb on board but you only get access to 3.69gb but the device optimizes memory resources well enough. Depends on how experienced you are using the android platform- knowing what apps to install to get the best out of the device & what to dodge to avoid stressing the phones very limited resources. It’s allows your to move any stuff to the SD card except apps. So I don’t over install; that’s the job for my Note tablet (26 gb accessible) & use the Desire primarily for emails, some chatting & swift portability. Its also has very good management apps to compliment the ones I’ve installed.

    Boom Sound? Forget it. My backup Nokia feature phone is louder. It’s not all that bad o. Very Nice Low Bass going. Just not for me; I’m a Rock fan. I use my Bluetooth wireless speakers for output & the Desire as the Play Remote. Sweet combo.

    Blink feed? Love it. Good reason to buy the phone. Almost every news in one place. Not enough screen panels on the UI Sense 6 but I’ve complemented that with nova launcher from Google play.

    Camera? Great on the Desire816. Both front & back. Sharp. Not the main reason I bought it though but it’s a pleasant add-on.

    Screen? Well it’s no super amoled (used the Samsung galaxy note2 before now until it broke) but with the screen size (5.5″) & the price of the device it’s worth it.

    Consider this to be a watered down version of the HTC One (M8) but with a bigger screen size & somewhat better Camera.

    I recommend. For a year or 2 at least. The Desire 820 is out now too so you may decide to try that.

    Closest comparison Rivals? Samung G.Note 3 Neo & Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual. Check them out. I did.

    That’s it. Good luck. Anymore questions? Let me know.

  5. Battery will nearly get you through a day’s use. It’s “EXTREME POWER SAVER”option will get you 2 days worth.

    Keep a good Battery power bank handy though. An essential requirement for smartphones these days.

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