A phone with 2 screens – with the 2nd on the back – fits in just right with the experimental period we live in. Say

Nubia Z18S, a phone with 2 screens, is perfect for Sweet Boys & Slay Queens

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A phone with 2 screens – with the 2nd on the back – fits in just right with the experimental period we live in. Say hello to Nubia Z18S.

Chinese mobile manufacturer, ZTE, seems to have a thing for dual screens of late. Back in October 2017, we saw the ZTE Axon M with foldable, dual screens. And now, we are getting a glimpse of another ZTE smartphone with dual screens, but not foldable this time.

The Nubia Z18S looks like any normal phone slab of 2018, but when you turn it around to have a look at the back, you bump into its second screen. And it is a full colour LCD display.

One othe rphone that we have seen with a display at te back is the YotaPhone 2, but that secondary display is an e-ink one and only provides notifications to help the phone keep power consumption down.

The Numbia Z18S’ 2 screens is a different matter entirely.

Why a phone with 2 Screens?

It looks like ZTE is trying to solve the display notch problem in a different way. Edge-to-edge design in phones created the problem of where to put the selfie camera. Essential opted to put a notch at the top of the display in their phone, and Apple followed suit. A lot of other manufacturers have since gone with the notch.

We later saw how Vivo solved the problem with a pop-up camera on its Nex smartphones. OPPO deployed a slider to house the selfie camera in the Find X.

As far as I can tell, it looks like ZTE decided to remove the selfie camera entirely and put a display on the back so you can take all your slfies with the phone’s main camera. And I am here for this! Why?

Because Selfie Cameras Suck!

There is no other way to put it: selfie camera suck. Whether you put 24 megapixel lens on them, or make them dual, or attach any other fancy technology, they have been unable to match the main cameras on smartphones.

You know I am telling the truth. You hate most of the pictures that you take with your selfie camera. They just don’t come close to the quality that your phone’s main camera produces. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am rooting that the Nubia Z18S hits the market soon. I want to have a go.

Selfie camera, my foot! Give me this. Now.

What We Know About The ZTE Nubia Z18S

Not much. There is no other information about the phone yet out there, but there is nothing like a short video to show you what the phone looks like for real. So enjoy this:

How cool is that? Look at those 2 screens. Did you see the main display? Almost completely bezel-less all round. And it sure looks like the very narrow bezels are the same thinness too all round. Nice.

One of the benefits of this arrangement also is that if you want to do a video chat, you do it from the back too. The person at the other end gets a good resolution feed from you, not some grainy low-quality video in which you look more like a refugee than a sweet boy or slay queen.

ZTE Nubia Z18S - a phone with 2 screens

Get Your Insta Glam On

If you want to get your Insta Glam on, or rock those self-recorded YouTube videos better, get a phone with 2 screens. Get a phone like the Nubia Z18S.

The 2nd screen means that the phone will cost a bit more than it would have should have. But maybe not by much, considering that there is no selfie camera. Equilibrium? But even if it costs more, what is the point of being a Sly Queen or a Sweet Boy if you cannot afford exclusive gadgets?

Get your game on!

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