Photo Shoot: Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2

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We have mentioned before how good the camera of the Nokia 2 is. Having put it to test, we want to provide you with samples. Our photo shoot is aptly titled, Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2. Enjoy the visual feast.

We called it that because the samples are crops of a picture of a dark chocolate nougat. All samples below the full picture are cropped to show details and not edited in any other way. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing this.

Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2: Full Picture

Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2 full picture


Cropped Samples

Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2

Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2

Dark Chocolate by Nokia 2

The Nokia 2’s rear camera is an 8-megapixel unit, but it captures really good photographs. It captures great details and colour reproduction is mostly accurate as well.

There are not a lot of smartphones in this price range that deliver pictures of this quality. But Nokia pulled it off with the Nokia 2.

Great Value

We think the camera is great value for its price and it reinforces our opinion that the Nokia 2 is the best value budget smartphone in the market today. For a breakdown of all the factors that inform that opinion, please read, Why Nokia 2 is the best value budget smartphone to buy.

But then, that might just be what we think. Having seen the above photo samples, what do you think about the Nokia 2’s camera?


  1. With what i saw, the Nokia 2 camera is just too good. I can’t believe a low budget phone like Nokia 2 could take such beautiful pictures like that, I’m loving this device right now. Nokia really did a wonderful job on this device.

  2. Oh wow, this has to be the best camera on a budget device! This is better than some mid rangers have to offer.

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