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The Pixel 6a and iPhone SE 2022 are the most affordable smartphones released by Google and Apple this year. As such, a comparison of the two is of interest to those looking to not spend premium flagship money. How do they stack up against one another?

Compare Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022 cell phones
Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Design

While the Pixel 6a has all the design lines of a 2022 smartphone, the iPhone SE 2022 looks like something from the distant past: it has large bezels at the top and the bottom. Is there really a contest about the design? I don’t think so; Google Pixel 6a has the more modern design and wins this round square and fair.

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Display

The SE 2022 is the smaller and lighter phone. But it’s 4.7-inch display is a hard one to swallow in 2022. If only Apple had made it 5 inches, at least. 4.7 inches is just damn too small. The Pixel 6a’s 6.1-inch display size is more ideal. Beyond the size, though, the Pixel 6a’s display is of a greater resolution, resulting in a higher pixel density. The Pixel 6a wins this round.

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Performance

Google Pixel 6a is powered by the Tensor chipset, which, even in Android circles is not the most powerful around. Apple’s A15 Bionic, on the other hand, runs rings around the most powerful chips used in this year’s Android smartphones. In terms of performance, the iPhone SE 2022 outperforms its opponent and leaves it in the dust.

While the Pixel has 6 GB of RAM, the SE 2022 has only 4 GB. But looking at the figures alone can be misleading: iPhones deliver much better performance on lower amounts of RAM than Android phones do. Plus, there is that overheating issue that plagues Pixel phones: they heat up seriously during intensive use, and sometimes even during the most basic tasks. Often when this happens, the phone’s shuts down some critical services – like turning off mobile data or WiFi, and even shutting down the phone. Apple iPhone SE 2022 wins this round.

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Photography and Videography

The Pixel 6a has a superior camera configuration and delivers better photos. On the flip side, the iPhone SE 2022 shoots better videos. How do we rate this round? Perhaps I shall leave it up to you to call it.

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Battery Life and Charging

Apple iPhones have traditionally had atrocious battery lives, and that should surprise no-one. For years, Apple kept putting in tiny batteries in model after model. That changed with the iPhone 13 series. Unfortunately, it didn’t change with the SE 2022. The 2018 mAh battery in it is a joke, compared to the 4410 mAh battery in the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a has 18W fast charging , while the iPhone SE 2022 has 20W fast charging. The difference in charging speeds is marginal. However, Google Pixel 6a is plagued with the same heating issue that other Pixel phones have been – heating up badly when charging. Who gets this round?

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Price Comparison

The Pixel 6a has a single configuration (6/128 GB) that costs $449, while the base iPhone SE 2022 with 4/64 GB memory costs $249. The 4/128 GB variant, which matches the Pixel 6a costs $429. This is merely $20 less. I am not sure that anyone will make a buying decision over $20 price difference at the price bracket that both phones occupy. Let’s call this a tie. It is in the iPhone’s favour, though, that there is a more affordable option, should you find $449 out of your budget.

Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE 2022: Conclusions

The Pixel 6a is marred by the legendary heating up and slow charging. And Google’s Tensor chip is no match for Apple’s A15 Bionic, be it in CPU or GPU performance. On the flip side, the iPhone SE 2022’s 2017 design is outdated, the camera does not shoot as great photos as the Pixel 6a does, and battery life is far from stellar. This is a tough call, and it looks like only you can decide which works better for you. If you had to pick between these two phones, which would be your choice?

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