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Motorola Edge Plus Display Issues and Solutions

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Motorola Edge Display Issues
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The Motorola Edge plus rolled out as a Motorola flagship phone in early 2020. Motorola Mobility LLC also brought out a much improved variant in the form of the Motorola Edge plus (2022) around March, this year. The 2022 variant, also known as Motorola Edge 30 Pro and Motorola Edge X30, is a direct competitor to the likes of the Iphone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22. So you know what to expect from a phone attempting to go up against those two smartphone giants.

It is largely a high performance phone that runs on top tier processors and a phone anyone would want to get because of its amazing features like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that will give you performance levels that match the Samsung S22 lineup. It also has a 144Hz display and a main camera that produces solid pictures.

Motorola Edge Plus Display Issues

The phone goes for a little less than its Samsung counterpart, with a price of about $899.9. I mean, it is a premium phone with flagship capabilities. But as good as the phone is, it does have its fair share of issues and bugs that have plagued its launch. We’ll be checking out some of those issues and how you can fix them or if you can even fix them at all.

A bunch of the problems associated with the Edge plus are screen-related issues, while some are software related bugs and issues that came up after the Android 11 update. Now lets dive in to some of the issues with the Motorola Edge plus’ screen/display.

Purple Spots

Purple spots are spots that pop up on your phone’s screen. It happens when you have been making use of the device for a prolonged period of time, which then causes the phone to heat up, causing the purple spots to begin to appear. The spots will eventually disappear when you let the phone cool down. If you do continue to use the device after it has cooled, for too long, the spots will reappear.

Display Green Tint

The green tint is another major display issue that users have had. It is also, like the purple spots, a heat-related problem. But this is in a way worse than its spotty-purple friend. This green tint is a shade of green that almost covers half the phone. Imagine roaming around your phone, on Instagram or playing a game or even watching YouTube, and you see a green tint that covers almost half the screen. That has to be annoying. You have to let it cool and it will go back to normal.


Some users, all though not as many as the purple spots and green tint reports, have also observed all black or all white displays on the screens. It can also happen on a small part of the display too, on phones that have newly been unboxed. 

Motorola has actually rolled out software to fix these issues. The update fixes the issue, but the fix is more on the temporary side because the problem seems to return after a few weeks or months.

For a phone that costs that much, problems like this should be non-existent, but that is the reality of where the edge plus is at right now. Take note, it does not happen to all Motorola Edge plus devices but there is a large chance of buying one that can potentially give you these issues. Especially if you want to pick up the older Motorola Edge plus variant. Let’s move on to other bugs and issues that are software related.

Split Screen Bugs

The split screen feature is something users of any phone brand would normally enjoy because you can do multiple things at the same time, or use different apps at the same time. But a problem with the feature on the Motorola Edge plus that occurs sometimes is that you cannot resize the screen once it has been split. This can prove to be frustrating for some users. 

Another issue is that the keyboard app collapses while in split screen mode. Meaning, you can not send a message using the keyboard while in that mode or look up something on the internet because the keyboard can’t be accessed. Motorola is currently investigating these issues and will hopefully respond with fixes for them. 

Screen Rotation Issues

Now, if you’re anything like me, I love my movies, series and YouTube videos. And I love watching them in landscape view, where you tilt your phone sideways to have a better viewing experience. The Motorola Edge plus, in some cases, does not let you rotate the phone, it keeps the display in portrait mode. Apparently, even when you restart the phone it still doesn’t work. To fix this issue, you need to locate the microsoft authenticator app, open it and then close it. This takes care of the error for a few days before you have to repeat this process to resolve it again.

Fixing Unresponsive Touch Screen

A restart of the phone is a good fix for if the screen of your Edge Plus. Restart the phone and the display should work fine again.

For a phone that goes for roughly $900, some of these problems should be non-existent especially on a flagship phone of this caliber. It really is still a solid phone anyone would want to buy with high performance, if Motorola can take care of some of these issues, it would be an absolute joyride to own a Motorola Edge plus.

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