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Lumia and Windows 10 Mobile users are an odd, loyal bunch. Years after Microsoft discontinued the platform, some are still holding on to their precious smartphones. Here are two Windows Phone 10 YouTube apps to consider for use on your Lumia/Windows phone.

There were never a lot of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile apps, to start with. The platform never gained the traction it needed to pull in 3rd party app developers. Which is the key reason it is now dead. To make matters worse for YouTube lovers, the beef between Google and Microsoft meant that there was never an official YouTube App for Windows phones and Lumias. If you own one of those phones, your best bet for watching YouTube videos is your mobile web browser, Edge.

Windows Phone 10 YouTube App free download
MetroTube was my preferred free Windows Phone 10 YouTube app

And that still works flawlessly till date. The mobile Web version of YouTube works on any cell phone of any kind that has a Web browser. It is as universal as it gets. It still works on my Lumia 950. My preferred Windows Phone 10 YouTube app back then was MetroTube, but development of the app has ceased and it isn’t available any more.

If you must use a Windows Phone 10 YouTube app, at all costs, there are two I have got to recommend to you – MyTube and ATube. There is no guarantee that you will be able to use them on your Lumia or other Windows Phone forever. Or that they still work flawlessly. I doubt that any developer is still optimising Windows 10 apps for mobile devices any more.

Download these free Windows Phone 10 YouTube Apps

It will be nice to have your feedback on how well these apps still work, if you can spare a minute to leave a comment.

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