The Guardian has a long article pushing the idea that the future of Windows Phone OS is at the low end, based on comments made

Poll: Is the future of Windows Phone at the low end?

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The Guardian has a long article pushing the idea that the future of Windows Phone OS is at the low end, based on comments made by Dan Dery, Alcatel’s vice president.

Let’s look at a quote from Dan:

“We’re not interested in high-end devices – so Windows Phone producing a very, very good consumer experience at the entry level, which is not the case for other software, is a very interesting prospect,” he said. “It seems a lot more natural for first-time smartphone users – it’s surprising and I don’t know why, but that seems to be the case reported from carriers.”

And here is how the Guardian paints the picture:

Windows Phone’s biggest strength is that it performs the same on low-power smartphones as it does on high-end devices. It makes entry-level smartphones costing less than $200 a solid, polished experience, but diminishes the attraction of more expensive Windows Phones.

By contrast, most low-end Android devices struggle to perform well, requiring much more powerful hardware to run smoothly, which can frustrate users with cheaper devices.

You should read all the details here: The future of Windows Phone? At the low end, says Alcatel. But our question is this: Do you agree that the future of Windows phone is at the low end? Should Microsoft forget about pushing high end Lumias and focus on budget Windows smartphones instead? Do share your thoughts.

  1. By Contrast, Most Low-end Android Devices Struggle To Perform Well, Requiring Much More Powerful Hardware To Run Smoothly, Which Can Frustrate Users With Cheaper Devices.

    I Think That’s Mostly Mostly Untrue. Not Anymore, Anyway

    Whoever Made That Statement Is Probably Living In The Past, As The New Android Lollipop With ART Can Easily Run Smoothly On Any Android Hardware. Any . Smoothly.

    Microsoft Would Be Wasting Its Time And Resources Focusing On The Low End.

    First, The Lower End Is Crowded With Incredibly Priced Cheap Androids From China. Evety Household Makes One. Microsoft Will Simply Be Unable To Differentiate On The Basis Of Price.

    Second, The Big Bucks Is In The High End Devices.Microsoft Is Not Some Unknown Small Chinese Company That Be Satisfied With Peanuts From Dead Cheap Devices With Anorexic Profit Margins…

  2. I think the statement is somehow correct because only those newly migrating to smartphones will appreciate Windows Phone since it will be no doubt upgrade to what they are used to in their feature/dumb phones. Of course this same statement also goes for the other platforms but this group is the only people Windows Phone can actually impress rather than those who have tested other platforms and know the capabilities of smartphones.

    But this is still not going to be any easy when you consider the plethora of low-cost Android devices in the market presently which are also offering decent performance far removed from the picture the Alcatel’s VP is trying to paint here. Android Jelly Bean and KitKat have really done some good job in improving the performance of Android on all fronts generally and Android Lollipop with its default ART runtime engine will only enhance the performance further.

  3. I categorically dsiagree with the two previous commenters. I have used some low end infinix smartphones and i can tell you for free that they are sluggish and frustrating as hell. There’s no way in hell you can enjoy an android phone with less than 1GB of RAM. In contrast, I have used the lowest end lumia and was pleasantly surprised at how fluidly everything ran. Maybe android lollipop and the new runtime will improve things but all previous versions of android from ICS and above need oodles of RAM for you to enjoy using them

  4. Android has 85% market share, 60% are low end and WP is better for the low end devices because It is not resource Hungry. For android lovers its hard to swallow this truth but you will come to accept it . Mind you some organizations are replacing iPads with Windows tablet and Blackberry with WP so…. Do the math.

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